Advanced PT: Low Back Spinal Stenosis

How Physical Therapy Helps Spinal Stenosis

Unless you have an extremely advanced form of spinal stenosis, your doctor will likely recommend a more conservative approach. Physical therapy is the physician preferred treatment for spinal stenosis. It improves your ability to walk and perform other daily movements—and, most importantly, to eliminate the pain you feel when undertaking those movements. Why does PT work for spinal stenosis? Physical therapy is effective because it provides a multi-dimensional approach to spinal stenosis, addressing both the causes and the effects of the disorder. Flexibility, postural support, and strength-building measures are built into the physical therapy treatment plan for this disorder. Physical therapy uses both joint mobilization and stretching to increase mobility in all of your spinal joints. These flexibility-enhancers allow all of your joints to work at full capacity, taking the pressure off affected areas. In addition, you’ll find it less painful to stand, walk and bend after building up strength in your hips, as well as stabilizing pelvic support, which supports the base of your spine. Strengthening your abs and other muscles in your core will provide better spinal support and stabilization. Avoiding Surgery Studies show that in many cases, physical therapy for spinal stenosis can prevent the need for surgery altogether. If used as a first choice option, it is effective as a pain management tool and helps identify activities to avoid that may be making the symptoms worse. A 2015 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine followed two groups of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis—one group which had opted for surgery, and one which had gone to physical therapy as the main course of treatment—and found that both groups had similar success rates.

If you’re coping with spinal stenosis and concerned about which course of treatment to undertake, call us today to arrange a consultation. We’ll work with your doctors to ensure that your treatment is the right fit for you. We can help treat your spinal stenosis whether you’re undertaking physical therapy as a first-course option, or as a way to ease the recovery process following spinal stenosis surgery.

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