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March 2020

Don’t Let Taxes Tax You This Spring ‘Book’ Your Spring to Relax

With taxes due in just a matter of weeks, March is one of the most hectic times of the year. It’s important to remember that despite everything going on this month, you should take time for yourself to escape the stress of the everyday grind. Some like to go for a walk, and others like to read. For myself, I choose the latter because I love getting lost in a good book. If you need to take your mind off something, a good book forces you to not think about the stress that weighs so heavily on your shoulders. When you open a great novel, you’re essentially given a script, and your imagination builds off of that to create the book’s world right inside your head. Before you know it, you can go from worrying about work to being in the scene of a 1940s courtroom drama. In this new place, you lose track of your senses and forget about the things that don’t matter. With TV shows and movies, I think it’s much harder to take your mind off of things because your imagination isn’t working to create that world. What the characters look like and what the atmosphere feels like is already laid out in front of you. Watching TV can make your brain worry about the things on the screen. In that case, a movie or show can leave you more worried than you were before it started. But there is a silver lining if you’re a binge- watcher or cinephile. A lot of great modern TV shows and movies are based on amazing books that I recommend instead. This includes“The Witcher,”“Game of Thrones,”“Watchmen,”“Doctor Sleep,”“Ready Player One,”and so many more. But like your favorite movies, choosing a good book is going to depend on your favorite genre.

“But there is a silver lining if you’re a binge-watcher or cinephile. A lot of great modern TV shows and movies are based on amazing books. This includes ‘The Witcher,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ ‘Ready Player One,’ and so many more.”

is why I love the work of John Grisham and Michael Connelly. Michael Connelly is the author of“The Brass Verdict,”“The Lincoln Lawyer,”and the“Harry Bosch”series! They’re all fun legal thrillers, and the“Bosch”series is loosely based on Philip Marlowe, a 1940s private eye. John Grisham’s books are easy reads, so much so that you can read a book from cover to cover in one sitting if you wanted. The legal jargon is very self- explanatory, and Grisham does a fantastic job of explaining the legal procedures he touches on. These fun legal thrillers are cathartic for me because I can relate to the aspects of those stories that are true. So, they do a fantastic job of

delivering something I can relate to, yet give me the chance to relax all at the same time. Besides allowing you to relax, reading is great because you can do it anywhere! My favorite spot is on the beach. It’s so nice to relax with the sun shining down on you as you get lost in a story. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed about tax season, think about your favorite genre and open up a book! Are you currently reading anything fun? Let me know the next time you’re in the office. I love adding a new book to my list!

-Pro sper Shaked

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