Minnesota School Of Music - September 2018


With the freedoms of summer coming to a close, students will be settling into the rhythms of the school year. From homework schedules to sports practice, there are plenty of new routines to get used to. But if you’re the parent of an aspiring musician, you should ensure that their practice fits into this new schedule. Establishing or re-establishing routines can be difficult, even for adults. To lend you a hand (and lean into our love of alliteration), we’ve provided these handy tips to help practice feel as natural to your child as brushing their teeth! REPEAT The most important element of any routine is repetition. This means building a schedule for your student that is consistent. Having the same schedule from week to week will make practice feel like a normal part of your student’s routine, just like going to school and doing homework. REACH Help your student set attainable milestones to strive for. Having goals to reach for, such as mastering a piece of music, will keep practices focused and engaging. As your student reaches these milestones, they’ll have a sense of accomplishment and progress. Rather than feeling boring or repetitive, music practice can be something to actively look forward to when proper goals are set. Your student’s instructor here at the Minnesota School of Music can be a great resource to help you set these goals! REWARD A sense of accomplishment is nice, but positive reinforcement never goes amiss. This can be as simple as saying “Congratulations” after a good practice session, or it could be something bigger to celebrate, like an important milestone. Maybe if your student masters a particularly difficult piece, they get to choose dessert that night. RELAX As important as it is to stick to a consistent schedule, this regimen should never become overwhelming. If your student pushes themselves too hard to practice, they will only end up feeling frustrated and burned out. Having rest days and keeping practice to a reasonable timeframe is vital. At the end of the day, practicing an instrument should be enjoyable, not a chore, so always make sure there is room for relaxation! THE 4 R’s OF ROUTINE HOW TO ESTABLISH A CONSISTENT MUSIC PRACTICE SCHEDULE


Eli M. Sienna H. Brenna S. Deanna A. Claire F. Hannah L. Matthew H.

William K. Pooja P. William S. Evan S. Tim N. Emily S. Kiana F.

Daniel G. Lucy L. Reese O. Justin S. Maria R. Gianna R. Hannah Z.

Che Y. Samuel K. Conner C. Neil N.

Liam B. Olivia D. Cullen S. Bryce S. Matt S. JULY

Kye A. Mario R.

Emma A. Carl K. Weston M. Lexington S. Alex N.

Amelia V. Macy O. Natalia R. Cassady C.

Lincoln J. Isabel H. Dorothy B.

IS YOUR TEACHER SOLD OUT? If you’ve tried to make a schedule change recently, you’ve seen firsthand how full our teachers’ schedules are. If you are looking to make an upcoming schedule change, please read below to see if your teacher is sold out. Note: Teacher availability is subject to change based on enrollment. Please contact the front desk at (763) 432-9713 for up-to-date schedule information.

Miss Busse - SOLD OUT

Mr. Norell - SOLD OUT

Miss Gagnon - SOLD OUT

Miss Schwefel - SOLD OUT

Mrs. Johnson - SOLD OUT

Mr. Wolff - SOLD OUT

Mr. Nehring - SOLD OUT

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