LMS Flipbook 2017

 Did you detect any emotion in the caller’s voice? Did it match or support the words they were using?  When the caller had finished speaking, what notes did you take that helped you later on during the call?  To make sure you had heard correctly and to validate the customer’s needs, recap two key facts you heard the caller tell you using the following statements: o “What I’m hearing is … o “Sounds like you are saying … 5. Know Everything There Is To Know About MOLLY MAID Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and demanding in their expectations of CSRs than ever before. They want to talk only with someone that will understand them, recognize their needs, answer their questions and make things happen for them. As the Expert MOLLY MAID Gatekeeper, you are the caller’s only contact to determining how they can receive the best value for the service we offer. You must take the time to deliver your full script, listen to the caller as she or he speaks, and asks those pertinent questions aimed at best matching the needs of the caller to the service. This will demonstrate your ability and knowledge as well as your intent to spend the necessary time with them to meet their specific needs. The more you know the more you are able to help your caller. Never stop asking questions of you supervisor or those around you who can help you become better at your job.

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