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measuring therapeutic outcomes against different providers throughout the country. Using a national database makes it easier to identify areas of strength and where improvements can be made in your individual treatment program. FOTO can help organizations determine patient care and overall performance. Physical therapists that use FOTO can improve and increase effective patient outcomes. This may include predicting at the initial evaluation of how many visits you’ll need, the approximate cost, and the potential end result of your treatment. (continued inside)

If you’re suffering from a chronic health condition or struggling to recover from an accident you may be trying to decide what the best course of action is to improve your health. While surgery and medication are two options, you may want to consider the benefits of physical therapy at Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists. There are several reasons why a physical therapy team that incorporates (FOTO), Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, can help get you on your way to recovery. Call our office today to see how physical therapy and rehab can help relieve pain and increase mobility. What is FOTO? FOTO is the acronym for Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes. FOTO provides a standardized, comparative system of

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