IP Essentials: Q&A Series

The PCT is a mechanism that can be used to delay the process of filing patent applications in any of the more than 150 designated PCT member states. The filing date of a PCT application is used as the initial application, or priority date, for subsequent patent applications within any of the applicants’ individually selected member states. Q Does filing a PCT application result in an international patent being granted? A No. A PCT application provides a placeholder filing date, used as the priority filing date, in the various member states. Further action will be needed by the applicant in the individual member states in which the applicant wants patent protection. Q What countries are included in the PCT? A A full listing of the member countries can be found on the World Intellectual Property Organization website .

Adopted in 1883 the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property was the first in- ternational agreement to align intellectual prop- erty protection across its member jurisdictions. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international treaty established by various members of the Paris Convention. PATENT COOPERATION TREATY (PCT)



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