IP Essentials: Q&A Series

Q How much does it cost to file a PCT? A The cost of the PCT is variable depending on the size of the application and the chosen searching authority. Q Can I expect any further costs after filing the PCT? A Yes. There likely will be additional costs as your application advances throughout the PCT process such as governmental or agency fees. Q What is an International Searching Authority (ISA) and can I choose which one to use? A The ISA is a national patent office chosen by the applicant to perform the search on the invention. There may be benefits to filing in one ISA over another such as cost and how subject matter is handled in different jurisdictions.

Q What is the purpose of the International Search Report (ISR) and Written Opinion (WO)? A The ISR and WO can give you valuable insight into how your application may be treated in individual countries or regions. Any action in response to the ISR and WO is optional. Q What options does an applicant have for responding to an ISR and WO? A There are three options: 1. Submit claim amendments or comments in response to the ISR and WO. 2. Demand Chapter II Examination of the international application (Demand). 3. Take no action and defer amendments (if needed) until the national phase.

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