1300 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 14222 Vol. 88


Harry W. Rockwell 1925

EdwardH. Butler 1925

Buffalo State Normal School

Gertrude M. Bacon 1923

LouiseM. Cassety 1928


Alma Mater (As written in 1928) Abranch that is lifeless and fragile, When caught by the gleam of red coals Is fanned to a quivering torch flame; So love changes all human souls. So we whom you love, Alma Mater, Are touched by the warmth and the glow Diffused on the hearth ofyour spirit As into your service we go. Now bearing the light from your hearthside, Soul-strengthened, inspired by you, We shall share the warmth of your firelight And kindle youth's dull fires anew.

Helen M.Buyolark

Old Campus on Porter Avenue



Artist Rendition of The" New" Rockwell Hall

Artist Rendition Of The Proposed Campus

The NewCampus State Teachers College at Buffalo, formerly Buffalo State Normal School, will move within a few years into the beautiful and spacious buildings which will soon arise on the ninety-one acres set aside for the purpose from the State Hospital grounds at the Elmwood and Forest avenues. Buffalo will construct a boulevard 106 feet wide and over one-half mile in lenght which will separaete the hospital property from thre college grounds.The tract will have a depth of 1,106 feet along a line drawn at right angles to Elmwood Avenue; the rear line of this property will be 1,428.5 feet in length and will intercept Scajaquada Drive at a point east of the little promontory projecting into the creek.


This tract will be ample to provide for a football gridiron, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and several new buildings as needed for future years. The pressing requirements of the present dictate a neccessity for a girls dormatory in the near future. The proximity ofDelaware Lake will provide for boating and for such winter sports as skating and hockey. It is the general consensus of opinion that nowhere in the city could a more advantageous location have been found. It combines beauty and unusual park and landscape effects with an atmosphere of cultural educational achievement already assured by the presence in the neighborhood of the classic Albright Art Gallery, the McKinley Vocational School, a branch of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, a prospective open air theater and the beautiful Historical Building. The accession of this remarkable tract and of the buildings which are to be erected on it will not have been accidental. As the time approaches for the actual fruition of the plans for the new college location, the realization of the source of that progressive step will probably lose emphasis, yet it must be noted that during the few years in which the project was initiated and concluded, a number of men worked and fought until all opposition was defeated. In March, 1926, in connection with the proposed removal of the Buffalo State Hospital in Gowanda, the subsequent housing of the Buffalo State Normal School was considered. Athree-day hearing was held in Buffalo, beginning on April 12th, under the auspices of the City Planning Commission, at the close ofwhich it seemed that the State Hospital could not be moved in the near future, but that this did not "neccessarily foreclose the possibility of the use of a portion of that site for the expansion of the Normal School." It was not until March 31st, 1927, one year after its initiation that the plan was culminated in the signing of a bill by Governor Smith which provided: 1) That the State of NewYork cede to the city of Buffalo 85 acres comprising approximately the northern half of the State Hospital grounds. 2) That the State of New York deed over to the city of Buffalo the present Normal School property and grounds. 3) That the city of Buffalo, under the direction of the State Department of Education erect a new Normal School building on the new tract, facing Elmwood Avenue, at a cost not to exceed one and one-half million dollars. This bill, now a law, has been prepared by Corporation Counsel Gregory U. Harmon, with the authorization ofMayor Frank X. Schwab and the city council. It was introduced in the senate by SenatorWilliam J. Hickey and in the Assembly by Assemblyman Henry Hutt and was passed unanimously in both houses. During the past year, the plans for the new building were started by Sullivan W. Jones and completed byWilliam E. Haugaard and have been presented to Edward H. Butler and Dr.Harry W. Rockwell for final examination. Martin B. Fried

Class Of 1929


A look back to the 1930's school years at the state Norma l school


"The Jinx Bat At Homecoming 1937"

The Jinx burning is a tradition that is believed to ward off any bad luck that may linger where one of our teams is playing.

Lois Jane Terry

Awell-dressed 1937 soccer team embarks on a road trip. The man on the left is Coach Hurbert Coyer- the football and track field was later named to honor his achievements in promoting athletic competition at the college.

Carolyn Sega Displaying AHairstyle Of The 1940's


AClean Start

Cheers and fire ward off defeat

Running The Rapids

These Pictures came from the1951 and 1955 editions of the Elms. The theme of 1955 was "Eager Eyes andWillingHands?'


State University Of NewYork College For Teachers At Buffalo

College Camp

• • 1

Learning Hands...


Study and relaxation Picture, 1962





Student Teaching

A tribute to Walt Disney Homecoming 1962


Is He For Real?

The BSC Orangemen Became The Bengal Tigers.

Before The Falls...


Pam Graf and Joe Twardowski making sure the equipment is working perfectly.




Working As Hard As Usual..• Dave Meinzer & Vicky Lippa


Homecoming... Is that Jim Carrey?

Please guys... don't pull a "Norwide"!


Braaaaahckport... Braaaaahckport......

This pic is from Homecoming 1994 against Brockport... Marv, thanks for the inspiration!


A Tiger At The Buffalo Zoo

The Homeless At BSC???

During a Sleepout sponsored Alpha Omega Zeta•••


From the 1996 Yearbook 11 0ut of the Ordinary' '


Homecoming Parade

Janette Dressed To Kill.


... Cheerleaders Pose At The Tailgate Party.


Homecoming King And Queen

NTSO Members Restore The Roar With The Roaring Twenties.







\. .c..o


sponsored by WBNY and BCMK (Buffalo College of Musical Knowledge)

Sunday, November 1, 1998 8PM in the Sports Arena Buffalo State College

••••••••• SUR ·-------· TICKETS: Advance • $8 Students wl BSC 10 (sold only at the BSC Student Union Ticket Office; limit 2 per ID); $12 All Others. Advance nckets sold at the BSC Student Union ncket Office (878-6511I and all WNYTicketmasterOutlets. All tickets $15 Day-of-Show • Seating is General Admission • Doors Open 7PM • For info call 878-6728

A Trip To Letchworth


"I Can't Take It Anymore!!!"



Haunted Halloween

. Bash'98


The members of NTSO and many other organizations helped put together the annual halloween party this year. As you can see... it turned out bootiful!!!!


Winners of The '98 Ugly Awards.

Student Support Services

Junior Bengal of SSSP.

Annual Retreat



More On Homecoming : ''98" Homecoming Party



Members Of NTSO Showing Spirit!


p 0 w





Get Down''' •••

Are W~ Watching The Same Game Here'" ...







Artwork By Garfield Knott

Untitled 1994

Duppy Conquara 1993

Earth Angel1997 Watercolor


Bob 1995 Silkscreen


The Looking Glass Stumblingblindly through the cold Reflecting on the stories told of men who faced ten thousand more Discomforts in the years before. Then onward ' til I reach the point which leads me to my favorite joint. Here I sit with glass in hand, Listenin' to a local band. Then suddenly to my surprise , Aman appeared with deep, brown eyes ! Struggling just to turn away , The voice within began to say , "There's peace among such goodly men , Relax ... and buy a round again:' Reaching for my stash ofgold

I bought the poison that they sold And passed it to the chosen few , Selected for this monent too . We drank it down and then some more Forgetting then, we had to store Enough away- though at our peak, We put it all off'til next week. As we consumed the alcohol, I noticed something on the wall. Besides the bottle of vermouth, There it hung the naked truth. And after paying for the beer The looking glass began to clear. I sawmyself a ragged bum. Aname I knew so very well, Forgotten in me for a spell. The only one to blame was me, And not our great society. Destroyed by whiskey, wine and rum. I searched for something I could blame, For all along I've known the Way, Yet chose to fight another day. Perhaps somehow throughout the years, Something heard my lonelyprayers To send a blessed angels hand, To help me finally understand. Before I let the moment pass, I thank the one who cleared the glass.



The drawings to the left and below are from NTSO Member Sue Browne.((No Chaser", the cartoon to the lower left, is byBradNugent.






Flying In circles, amongst the flocks. Each one of us alone. Yet, content, serene. Rubbing up against one another. Bumping into ourselves. Constantly searching for another

angel to fly next to us in freedom.

SusanM. Browne


The Rose by Susan Browne

Life is like a rose. It is beautiful. Its aroma fills our senses.

Like a rosebud a child will bloom, each one perfect in its own way.

Joshua, Hailey, and Ryan Zasowski

And in its prime the essence is overwhelming. But, for only too short a time.

And like a rose life withers, the essence is lost

and its beauty becomes forgotten in the abundance of the garden.

Its petals fall and the rose is gone and the garden is filled again.

Self-portrait of Dracula done from a mirror.

Cartoons courtesy of the Record and S. F. Baumgartner.


r'M ~ORE- Gt~D A\l THE N£'r.J 1REES GoT PL.t1Nfe.P fJet=:oRE &HooL STARTED.

Record Cartoons The cartoons on this and the previous page are from various editons of Buffalo State's NewspaperThe Record.


La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Paternity Inc.

(Left To Right): Enzo Martinez, Miguel D. Hernandez, Anibal Soler.Second Row: Giovanni Anchundia, Paul Yanez, Kevin Lopez, Andy Fernandez, Gus Richart. Third Row: Anthony Camacho, Inshan Khairullah, Jeffery Martinez, LennyYanez..Fourth Row: Nasar Abdur- Rahman


Anthony Camacho's Fall of 1998 Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan at Kansai Gaidai University Anthony's 5month experience was spent studying the creative and cognitive dynamics of Japan's 100 most innovative people, a self and career business class, and spoken Japanese.

Above: Anthony stands in front of the ltsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima, Japan.

Anthony gets a personal tour from Japan's traditional geisha women, in their typical Kimono costume in Kyoto, Japan. He was sightseeing at Japan's famous temples in Kyoto, which was not too far from his homestay.


Adelante Estudiantes Latinos

Left To Right/ Back To Front: Victor Reyes, Luis Cruz, Frank Honrado, Fransico Martinez, Julio Abad, Cristina Montero, Yolanda Santos, Veronica Hernandez (Treasurer), Wendy Oliva, Jackeline Garzon (President), Mike Rivera, Rob Cruz, George Garris, Tamara Covington, Kathy Cordero, Ruthie Vega, Daisy Castro (Secretary), Zuelema Calderon, Elaine Castro, Zobeida Almonte, Angeline Bonet( V- President), Rosie Castielo, Jose Rodriquez, Migue, Marta Sanchez, Yvan Limbal, Paul Yanez, Lily Crispin, Katherine Cardena.

Jewish Student Organization (The Chabad House)

CHAI (the Chabad House) Jewish Student Organization is a social and educational organization for college men and women.

CHAI's purpose is to familiarize students with the Jewish culture and traditions through activities in the student union, as well as the Chabad House Jewish Student Centers. Activities include displays, movies, and social events celebrating the different holidays with cultural foods and field trips.





United Student's Government

Front To Back- RowOne: Daphine Caller-President, Kim Walker- Vice Treasurer, Paulette Bates- Executive Vice President. Row Two: Marlon Roberts- Treasurer, Todd Hillman. Row Three: John Christopher.














Non- Traditional Students Organization

Back To Front- Row 1: Jim, Joe Hasset, Sue Browne, Lorieann, Addam Hatch. Row 2: Jane, Dawn LaMendola, Seth, Juliana, Lily Harrington, Pam. Row 3: Ed, Dan, Nicole, Chris. Row 4: (We appologize but we don't have the names of the last two gentlemen).

The NTSO is a student organization that has over 300 members. They participate in various activities throughout the year. The organization also partakes in sporting events such as kickball against the Record, and bowling.

Tom l=itzgerald being his usual selt!


The Yearbook at Buffalo State College The ElmsYearbook at Buffalo State College has gone through many changes in the past years. The lack of staffing and funds alone has had a great impact on the turnout of this book. Though we did our best, next year's book will be a great deal better. We would like to thank theRecord newspaper staff,Vicky and Dave in Press Services, Delaware Camera Mart, everyone in USG, and Dave (our Jostens Rep.), for all their help and putting up with our shenanigans.Thank you also to all the people who pitched in with taking the photographs. Editor- In- Chief: Carrie Pinkowski

Layout Editor: Lynette Trudeau

Co- Layout Editor: Amy Stickney

Photo Editor: Dale Bieber

Business Manager: Nicole Bullen

Secretary: Tom Fitzgerald

Photographers: The Elms Staff, Tamara Covington, Press Services, student submitions, Lisa Smith, Addam Hatch, Jeff Smith

' 4

- -

A Friend Of the Elms


~ -SfArJ(e • enJrng the rnft,ennr~rn • gorng fke JrSfArJ(e • enJ


Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Inc.

Halloween Bash at Fat Cat's




esume • erv1ces

Vicky Vullo hard at work!!!

Vicky advises students on resume packages during the Commencement Kickoff.


COLLEGEADMINISTRATION Muriel A. Moore, Ph.D. President of the College Bonita R. Durand, M.S. Exec. Asst. to the President Anthony J. Chase, M.A. Asst. to the President for Documents & Presentations Saundra Fitzgibbon Second Assistant to the President Dolores E. Battle, Ph.D. Senior Adviser to the President for Equity & Campus Diversity Dennis K. Ponton, PhD. Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs M. VirginiaWyly, Ph.D. Mark T. Bausili, M.S. Registrar Linda Gleckel, M.S. Interim Spec.Asst. Vice Provost for Academic Support Services Florence Johnson, M.S.Ed. Title IV Director Joseph T. Murray, C.A.S. Coordinator Pre-Collegiate Programs Karen L. Johnson, M.L.S. Interim Director Academic Skills Center Leon Smith, Ph.D. Director Academic Standards Ellen M. DeWind, Ph.D. Interim Director New Student Programs and Academic Advisement Susan M. Hill, B.A. Coordinator Native American Student Services Jean-Francois Gounard, Ph.D. Director International Student Affairs Joan McCool, Ph.D. Interim Director Counseling Timothy R. Ecklund, M.S. Director Residence Life Theresa R. Stephan Hains, M.D. Director Student Health Services and Medical Director Angeline M. Price, R.N. Assistant Health Services Director Alice H. Sullivan, R.N. Assistant Director Health Services Education

Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles, M.Ed. Director Career Development Center Alfonso Scandrett Jr., Ph.D. Director IntercollegiateAthletics


Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education Lee Ann Grace, Ph.D. Director International Education Wendel B.Wickland, M.S. Director Special Programs Rosalyn A. Lindner, PhD. Interim Director, Teaching, Learning & Assesment Center Robert J. Stephen, M.Ed. Assistant Dean and Director Lifelong Learning Lisa M. Cote, M.S. Coordinator of Special Programs Margaret Shaw, Ed.D. Coordinator of General Studies Interdisciplinary Unit Roswell Park IV, Ph.D. Coordinator ofAdult Services, Evening Student Assistance Center Lois A. Hellriegel,M.S. Coordinator of Non Credit/Community Service Maryruth Glogowski, M.L.S. Director, E.H. Butler Library Cynthia Eggleston, M.S.Ed. Interim Director Educational Opportunity Program Emile C. Netzhammer III, Ph.D. InterimAssociate Vice President for Enrollment Management Paul T. Collyer, M.Ed. Interim Director Admissions Michael E. Woodruff Interim Director Financial Aid Thomas G. Kinsey, Ph.D. Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and Research David PWegenast, D.S.W. Director Center of Development of Human Services Donald). Jacobs, Ph.D. Director Center for Applied Research Ted Turkle, M.A. Interim Director Research Services and Administration Susan A. McCartney, M.B.A. Director Small Business Development Center Hal D. Payne, J.D. Vice President for Student Affairs Phillip Santa Maria, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Charles B. Kenyon, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President Donald W. Blundell, M.S.Ed. Interim Director Student Life John S. Frederick, Ed.D. Coordinator CommuterServices Gail V. Wells, B.S. Coordinator Minority Student Services


Daniel Thiel, B.S. Director Child Care Center Gary E. Vickers, M.B.A. Executive Director Auxiliary Services - Faculty Student Association Stanley Kardonsky, Ph.D. Vice President for Finance and Management Gary J. Phillips, C.P.A., Ed.M. Associate Vice President and Comptroller Barbara A. Meyer, B.A. Senior Assistant to Vice President Thomas E. Coates, B.A. Events Manager Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A. Associate Vice President Human Resource Management James J. Yager, M.B.A. Facilities Coordinator Judith B. Basinski, M.B.A. Director Computing Services Ronald N. Brown Jr., B.A. Director SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center Lou Ward Director Public Safety Patricia Chambers Alessandra, B.A. Director College Relations Tadeusz S. Pietrzak, B.A. Director Burchfield-PenneyArt Center Carmine A. Grande, DPS, CFRE Vice Pres. for Inst. Advancement and Development and Executive Director Buffalo State College Foundation Kathryn A. Ward, M.A. Director Alumni Affairs James A. Thor, B.S., C.P.A. Financial Director Carolyn A.Morris Director External Development Nanette Tramont, R.N. Director News Services Gail F. Maloney, Ph.D. Associate Director ofAthletics/Women's Basketball Coach Richard J. Bihr, M.B.A., M.S. Assistant Director/Men's Basketball Coach


· '------~~~--~--~~~~=========-=-=-=-&-••~=-==============c~==~- 1998 Buffalo State Bengals First Row( Left to Right): Nick Villa, Aaron Woloszyn, Scott Hausauer, Craig Dana, Jon Crumley, Aaron Vanderlip, Dave ldzik, Mike Zappia, Carl Petroziello. Second Row: Jeremy Pichany, Brandon Janesz, Omar Rimlawi, Nick Runco, Jon Girard, Dave Reilly, Joe Malecki, Melvin Parris, Greg Rogers, Jason Waterman, Brain Hillman. Third Row: Don DiGiacomo, Tom Lawniczak, Chris Henry, Tom Shamp, Craig Pasucci, Mike Trance, Jeff Mackey, John Spruill, Tim Seifert, John LaBelle, Tommy LaBelle, Lamar Chestnut. Fourth Row: Lamar Wilson, David Winter, Dennis Martin, Keith Murphy, Nick Stepien, Mike Stachewicz,Ted Bucierka, MikeWegman, Ron Lobdell, JeffHutchinson, JasonMcCabe. Fifth Row: Greg Ciabeaux, Jeremy Janese, Matt Rhodes, Mike Prestidge, Jason Mackiewicz, Andrew Hering, R. Gary Gonzales, Larry James, Rodney Randall, Derek Baker, Shawn Starks, John Williams. Sixth Row: TodWarthling, Bill Schum, Kevin Moyer, Ron Tumbry, Brian Testa, Joseph Smyntek, Hans Mann, Nate Van Husen, Richard Todd, David Battaglia, James Johnson, Jerell Thompson, Dion Foendoe. Seventh Row: Rudy Volcy, Paul Manchester, Rick O'Neil, Eric Kraft, Cesar Stephen, Aaron Hunter, ChrisWolcik, Eric Lunser, BillyYoung, Andrew Fitting, Marcus Thompson, Rakiem Legrande, Jeff Rivenburg. Eighth Row: Manager Todd Hillman, Jason Rozak, Corey Reichard, Jim Yager, Marc Hoppy, Jamie Casullo, Jameel Ghani, Tim Round, Star Hanley, Mike Matthews, Brian Schiess, Tony Favata. Ninth Row: Luke Silliman, Tracy Bacon, Mark Warner, Fred Blanchard, Terry Bitka, Head Coach Jerry Boyes, Vince Mazza, Joe Harrington, Bobby Erhardt, Gene Zinni, Dick Adams.


Bengal Seniors

Craig Dana

Carl Petroziello

Split End


Scott Hausauer




Dave Idzik

Aaron Woloszyn



Dan Lauta

Mike Zappia


Flanker/ Punter

Buffalo State Cheerleaders

First Row: Rachel V., Keiyanna H., Tammy Z., Barb M., Dana J., Second Row: Jackie P., Tara R., Sarah H., Emily S., Heather P., Lindsey L., Jen B., Third Row: Kelly S., Jodi W., Rasey G., Jim, Tina B., Omarll B., Ramey G.

• • • • • • •


First Row( Left to Right):Kim Feroleto, Tiffany Jackson, Tina Williams, Celina Torres, Renee Witt, Yashica Martin, Delrease Tota, Tereshia Fell Second Row:Assistant Coach Joe Piscopo, Julie Jackson, Starr Rae Wooden, Krista King, Karynne Helmer, Cora Humphreys, Dr. Gail F. Maloney, Sara Woodworth, Courtney Drisdom, Chrissy Milleville, Nicole Vargas, Assistant Coach Theresa Walsh, Assistant Coach Tim Williams



First Row( Left to Right): Quwane Johnson, Steven Becker, Erik O'Bryan, Raymond Owusu, Aaron McFollins, J.R. Kemp, Second Row: Assistant Coach Fred Batchelor, Earl Carpenter, Leshawn Oates, Justin Booth, Head Coach Dick Bihr, Shawn Haseley, Brandon Jones, Jason Wheeler, Assistant Coach Darryl Harvin


Buffalo State

- • • • • • • • • -·

First Row( Left to Right): Brian Weaver, Travis Ramsay, Jeff Ventura, Dave Erwin, Head Coach Jim Fowler, Chris Ciamaga, Steve Schilkey, Nick DeSantis, Pat Holden Second Row: Assistant Coach Regis Marrale, Nick Cosky, P.J. DiPirro, Sam Monaco, Trever Harrington, Jamie Ronayne, Anthony Rizzi, Todd Nowicki, Dan Hafner, Jason Thomas, Assistant Coach Mark Jagord Third Row: Eric Bavisotto, Donnie Humphrey, Mark Falkowski, Ken Goetz, Steve Smith, Braden Crowley, Jad Ramsay, Rocky Reeves, Jason lorenzo, Kevin Dunbar.

Bengal Captains

#6 Dave Erwin,#19 Chris Ciamaga, #27 Steve Schilkey, #5 JeffVentura



Joe Nuszk

Brian Hannigan: GTE Academic All -.\me rican

Joe u~;k.m\ ..,ki \\'L sea..,on. he llni..,hed third on the team in points. llr..,L 111 game– " inning goa l.., and \\a.., named i\ 1\' P.

Brian Hannigan \\ .~-.. rwmed LO Lhe GTE Academ1c ,\11 -American Team al the conclu-.1on of the 'J7-lJX sea..,on. I!annigan i" the fiN p!a)er Ill Lhe ..,JlOrt hi<.,lor) of Buffalo State Hnd.e) tn recei\ e Lhi" honor.

Career Statistics

Ca reer Statistics

-t Sea..,on-, ~Q Game.., 16 Go,d.., 15 ,· \s-.i"t" 31 Point..,

2 Sea..,on.., 36 Game-.. !6 Goal-.. 13/\..,..,i-..t-. 2lJ Point..,

r~an HaMigan




First Row( Left to Right): Kelly Kochems, Marie Parks, Kate Applegate, Jessica Mang, Tami Sartori, Brook Carlson, Mindy Greenauer Second Row: Jennifer Straub, Amber Kehr, Assistant Coach Susan McClary, Head Coach Glen McClary, Assistant Coach David McClary, Kemi Foster, Suzanne Cook.









• • • • • • • •

First Row( Left to Right) : Mia Bianco, Kelly Bachman, Marissa Wexler, Laura Williams, Carrie Wiatr, Colleen Easterby, Katie Zuber, Mara- Anne Jones, Tamara Burbee Second Row: Delrease Tota, Mandy Metzinger, Tracy Weimer, Eileen Schubert, Head Coach Rudy Pompert, Kerri McCabe, Kathleen Plis, Stacy Clark, Christine Hammer.




• • • • • • •

\ , .. I


.. • • • • • • •



Sports Not Represented:

Rugby Club Women's Lacrosse Softball Bowling Club Team Cross Countrx Track& Field


Garfield Adamson Buffalo, N.Y. Biology

Fateen M. Abdellatif Niagara Falls, N.Y. Business Studies

Baffour Adjei Bronx, N.Y. Health& Wellness

Raul Alcerro Bronx, N.Y. Hospitality Management

Rafael Amarante New York City Criminal Justice

JoAnn Shenetha Austin Logan, Utah Psychology& Liberal Arts

Christopher M. Asiello Corning, N.Y. Business Studies

Lisette Batista Buffalo, N.Y. Psychology

Candace L. Bautz Lancaster, N.Y. Business


Taryn Brooks Spring Valley, N.Y. Hospitality Administration

Susan Browne Batavia, N.Y. Art History

Nicole Bullen Queens, N.Y. Health&Wellness

Miriam I. Bustos Bronx, N.Y. Psychology

Kimberlee Lynn Chechak Rochester, N.Y. Dietetics

Cherie L. Burau Hamburg, N.Y. Exceptional Education

James A. Clemens Buffalo, N.Y. Broadcast Communications

Ami B. Cole Alden, N.Y. Elementary Education

Stephanie M. Cole Syracuse, N.Y. Economics


Charnetta E. Crayton Syracuse, NY Economics & Finance

Charmaine Crayton Syracuse, NY Business

Marjorie Cooper Buffalo, NY Political Science

Rebekah Davis Buffalo, NY Broadcast Communication

Colleen Daley East Aurora, NY Sociology

Lily Crispin NewYork, NY Broadcasting

Patricia S. Dee Tonawanda, NY Business Studies

Harn-Ru Ding Taiwan Hospility & Finance

Naomi D. Deas Brooklyn, NY Sociology


La Fraya Fields Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Thomas Doyle Philadelphia, PA Criminal Justice

Christina Fonseca Buffalo, NY Business Studies

Jeffrey Gandulla Fallsburg, NY Computer Information Systems

Debra Eck Gampietro West Falls, NY Vocational Technical Education

Anastasia George Brooklyn, NY Social Work

Jeremy Gonzalez Queens, NY Broadcast Communication

Jill M. Gonzalez Niagara Falls, NY Exceptional Education

Ralph D. George New York, NY Fashion Design


Lilia Gutowski Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Cynthia A. Hanna Buffalo, NY Special Education

Janeen J. V. Greene Selden, NY Social Work

'\ .. "-

Madge J. Harris Hempstead, NY Sociology

Scott Hausauer Depew, NY Geoscience

Mathew Jakob Harrington Buffalo, NY Music Communication

Shannon Hayes Old Forge, NY Dietetics

Angelette C. Hayes Buffalo, NY Business Administration

Marvin D. Hill Wilson, NY Secondary Education


Erica Horne New York, NY Health & Wellness

Myzette R. Howell Buffalo, NY Broadcasting

Nicole Hogan Rochester, NY Sociology

Molly R. Johnson Lancaster , NY Elementary Education

Richard G. Jung, Jr. Fort Gordon, Georgia Criminal Justice

Sharessa Hughey Rochester, NY Sociology

Shaist a Khan East Meadow, NY Biology

Nabil A. Khan Pakistan Computer Information Systems

Leslie Kee Buffalo, NY Elementary Education & Sociology


Melanie Kloc Cheektowaga, NY Dietetics

Allison Knighton Depew, NY Business Studies

Shondell L. Kirton Rochester, NY Business Studies


Susan Kreutz Lockport, NY Exceptional & Elementary Education

Milton R. Lamb Buffalo, NY Fine Arts

Christy Kovoor India Broadcasting

Jessica Leigh LaPoint N. Tonawanda, NY Speech Language Pathology

Yeeman Lee NewYork, NY Fashion Design

Dawn M. LaMendola Snyder, NY Sociology


Anne L. LeVay Albany, NY Elementary Education

Ronald S. Levine Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Katrina D. Lindstrom Tonawanda, NY Interior Design

Mick P. Louis-Jacques Tonawanda, NY Social Work

Shaun Maddox Buffalo, NY Business Studies

Silvia Lloyd Buffalo, NY Public Relations & Advertising

Loc Mai Syracuse, NY Business Studies

Lameyci Martin Brookly, NY Sociology

Megan McCarthy New Windsor, NY Broadcast Journalism


Edelyne Mercredi Bronx, NY Political Science

Melissa A. Miele Westchester, NY Business

Rosanne Miller Niagara Falls, NY English

Jason Mills Buffalo, NY Industrial Technology

Rashid D. Minott Bronx, NY Communications

Deanna Miserantino Utica, NY Exceptional Education

Justin Murawski Rochester, NY Elementary Education

Allene Moskal North Tonawanda, NY Psychology

Richard Myles Niagara Falls, NY Social Work


t Richard Nelson Clifton Park, NY Electrical Engineering

Kristin I. Nesbitt Tonawanda, NY Sociology

Shariffa A. Nashir Lackawanna, NY Elementary Education

Elizabeth 0. Palmieri Lockport, NY Journalism

Sandhya Parathath Hicksville, NY Social Work

Sharice I. Nowell Manhattan, NY Health and Wellness

Amy Lyn Petkovsek Dolgeville, NY Spanish

Maureen S. Portman West Seneca, NY Humanities

Avani Patel Newburgh, NY Computer Information Systems


Jeannie Radu New York, NY Secondary Education/ English

Shawna Powell Mount Vernon, NY Exceptional Education

Delbert Prince Brooklyn, NY Sociology

Ericka G. Rankin Niagara Falls, NY

Arnie lynne Rampino Kenmore, NY Elementary Education

Nalini L. Rambali New York, NY Business

African & African American Interdisciplinary Studies

Debbie Reyes Buffalo, NY Exceptionai/Eiemntary Education

Ezekiel Richard Bronx, NY Business Studies & minor in Economics and Finance

Lori M. Ray Buffalo, NY Social Work & Psychology

11 0

David Rivas Gualey, Rep. Dominicana Broadcasting

Michael A. Rivera Buffalo, NY Computer Information Systems

Stephanie L. Riddoch Alden, NY Elementary Education

Sharese Robertson Niagara Falls, NY Criminal Justice

Marlon Roberts New York, NY Philosophy

Melissa A. Robinson Lackawanna, NY Elemetary Education

Robert Sansone Lancaster, NY Business

Robyn Scweitzer Amherst, NY Elementary Education

Joseph Sanders Bronx, NY Elementary Education


Kevin J. Shea Buffalo NY Sociology & Social Studies Secondary Education

Jonathan S. Sharp Rochester, NY Social Work & Elementary Education

Lekya Slaughter Buffalo, NY Sociology

Patrick F. Smith Buffalo, NY Computer Information Systems

Kimberly Soto Bronx, NY Public Communication

Jeanette Smith Sloan, NY Computer Information Systems

Steven Szpilewski Lockport, NY Electrical Enginering

Sherry A. Soules Scottsville, KY Business Studies

Stephanie Taber Buffalo, NY Journalism

11 2

.i1 Warren Thomas Rochester, NY Criminal Justice

Yvonne R. Tabon Far Rockway, NY English Education

Mei Vee Tong New York, NY Dietetics

Lori A. Vallon Depew, NY Public Communications

Kersis Velez New York, Ny Psychology

Jason Clark Tyler N. Tonawanda, NY Criminal Justice

Joan Wheeler Buffalo, NY Social Work

Jennifer lucille Whitson Schenectady, NY Public Communications

Iris Maria Walker Buffalo, NY General Studies

11 3

Rosanna M. Wierzbowski Cheektowaga, NY Elementary Education

Debrina Wibowo. RH Solo, Indonesia Fiber Design

Kenneth Williams Jr. Bronx, NY

Rhonda Wood Buffalo, NY Business Studies & Econmics and Finance

Dawne Woither Rockland County, NY Business

Maria R. Work Hamburg, NY Spanish Secondary Education

Janet Wright Kingston, NY Anthropology

Nicole Woods Buffalo, NY Psychology


1-ChunYang Taiwan Hospitality

Jason Wright White Plains, NY Eletrical Engineering Technology

Melvin W. Wright Buffalo, NY Philosophy

Colleen Zaranek Cheektowaga, NY Forensic Chemistry


Seniors- Add Ins The following pictures were either sent to us late, or the only information submitted was incomplete. We saw no need to exclude them from this yearbook (they are graduating seniors). We appologize for any inconvenience.

Christine Adams Mount Vernon, NY Psychology

Yvette Arlee New York, NY Elementary Education

Kwabena Asante Brooklyn, New York Health Wellness

Maura A. Barnes Buffalo, NY Elementary Education

Kristen Barr Williamsville, NY Sociology

Vaughn Browne Antigua Economics/Finance

Julius Cabbagestalk New York, NY Computer Information Systems

Anthony Camacho Buffalo, NY Public Communications

Colleen Cavanaugh Lackawanna, NY Psychology/Spanish

11 6

Clifford Louis Charles Brooklyn/Rochester, NY Criminal Justice

Jennifer Louise Corsi Derby, NY Exceptional Education

Jodie Ernst Lancaster, NY Elementary Education

Eudson Tyson Francois Spring Valley, NY Humanities

Monica Gomez

Jeannie Lau New York, NY Social Work

Liana Maria Lugo Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Biology

Woodshel M. Saintil White Plains, NY Broadcasting

Patty- Ann S. Turner Brentwood, NY Interior Design


Here is our portrait photographer Marty Kerker (Wilmack Photography) at work during the Commencement Kickoff in April.



Everyone stopped at least once for pictures with their family members and their friends- posing with flowers, balloons, and smiles.




After pictures in the sunshine, the candidates for degrees moved into the hockey rink where they assembled for the procession into the arena.


The Buffalo StateWind Ensemble played processional music as the graduates filed into the Arena and, after awelcome from President Muriel Moore, the Chamber choir sang the National Anthem.

Buffalo Sk1fe


Right: Muriel Moore and Byron Brown present James Brandys, 1971 BSC graduate and Vice President at Merrill Lynch, with the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Below: Arnold Gardner, a member of the New York State Board of Regents, received the College Council Medal.

Author Barry Callaghan was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree.

Buffalo Jazz Pianist AI Tinney received an Honorary Doctor of Music Degree.


Honors... Various students, alumni, and community members were honored and spoke at the Commencement Ceremonies.


BSC President Muriel Moore presented Theater and Spanish graduate Yolanda Solis with the President's Medal for [an) Outstanding Undergraduate Student.

Sociology grad Dawn LaMendola spoke at the Two-term Student Government Treasurer morning ceremony. Marion Roberts gave the student address at the afternoon ceremony.

Math student (and football star) Craig Dana was given the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.


Tom Calderone, a 1986 BSC graduate, was given a Distinguished Alumnus Award and presented the main Commencement Address at both ceremonies. His appearance was preceded by a video with testimonials from some of the educators and broadcast professionals he's worked with, and detailing his exploits in campus, local and national radio. Calderon currently is senior vice president of music programming at MlV.


It wasn't in the program, but a special surprise closing address was given by Biff Henderson, technician/personality from Late Night with David Letterman. His speech was taped for later broadcast.

Once all of the speeches were over, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived... the Conferring ofDegrees.


After the ceremonies graduates gathered in the Student Union Quad for abrief reception. It was a final chance for a photo with a favorite

professor or fellow student. " Then it was off to the future.



BACHELOR OF ARTS DECEMBER 1998 Todd C. Agnello Jeffrey j. Andrzejak Caleb S. Barnard

Hollie V. Pauler*' Thomas j. Peffer Kenya L. Peoples

Sharonda L. Collier jennifer N. Comisso

Jason j. Lempke" Marisa A. Licata

Kevin S. Srnardz' •

Ralph Mcniel

john M. Smith

Kinga M. Mierzejewski Kerryann ). Minto Andria A. Montrose Alkne V. Mu;kal Christopher Robert Penn Christopher D. Pollino

john D. Conley

Jill M. Lickfeld

George H. Snider Jr. Yolanda M. Solis'*'t

Stephanie Peri

Marychristine Convey Marjorie Chane! Cooper jennifer M. Costanzo

Raymond C. Lipani Liana ~1. Lugo'"

Christine L. Plotner jeffrey j. Pristach julie B. Przywara Dennis j. Rachuna llanadee t\. Ramadan jennifer L. Randazzo Richard A. Reid Jr. Lo-allllys E. Reynoso Scott M. Rothschild Christopher M. Roy Mark E. Rozzano Kelly D. Ruggles• Gretchen A. Schmidt* jessica M. Scott Lawrence M. Seil Sandra L. Springer jeremy D. Stack Emilyj. Stadler jeffrey IJ. Stahl john C. Starkey William F. Sticht' AmyL. Strauss Christine A. Streck Christopher G. Trietley Ivan Rodriguez Hilary R. Wadas Roger E. Walsh • Kristy M.Wandie" jacqueline Weathers Mason G. Winterhalter julie A. Wolasz Miao-chien Yen' Abdullahi 11. Yusuf joseph A. Abramsky Christine D. Adams Noyka L. Agee Mary B. Allen Jr. Gino D. Aloisio Natacha Alvarez Erik C. Andersen Ileather L. Armstrong Brian M. Arrington justin T. White MAY 1999 Chun·)'Cn Tsao john j. Viger


Btyan j. Beale Tara L. Berdzik

Dawn M. Lurie

Deborah L. Space Kristine G. St. john Brian j. Stachowski Heather L. Sullivan Stephanie J. Taber Scott A. Tanyi t jessie Lynn Tirado Zachary N. Toczynski julie A. Vaccarelli Keith E. Valazza ,\1ichael T. Valle Keith II. Van Alstine jeffrey M. Ventura' jeremy A. Voigt'' Theresa M. IVahila IJaniel j. Walters Kimberly B. Walwyn joseph A. Wawrzyniak Amelia P. Weaver Laurie K. Weaver•· ' Jamie L. Wesseldine Noelle ). Wiedemer' • Heather R. Wright janet N. Wright ,\,!elvin W. Wright Tomoaki Yamada Jamie D. Yarnes HeatherS. Young joseph D. Zach• jesse W. Zachary Richard M. Ziegler Christine Zimmerman Lori A. Vallon Luke C. Wager Ann C. Wisneski• john IV. Wolgamuth jr. t Kija S. Tomlinson KarolyTotb

Lily M. Crispin

Xuan Mai

Keith A. Bocharski

Raylena Cunningham

Jason M. t\llajch rzak StephenJ. Malczewski

.VIarion F. Roberts Rosanna Scarcella llakim R. Shareef john F. Stanton

Clifford E. Brockenton )r.

Kathan A. Curtis

janine L. Brunson Gilbert S. Certo james P. Connerton joel 1\. Coughlin john F. Courtney

David j. Desimone..•

Rhonda j. Mangus Sarah C. Ma ngus

Tracy C. Dillon Marisa L. Dinitto john H. Domin Mark A. Dudek

joel D. Marks

Elir.abeth K. Thompson

Michael A. Manella

Ka ri L. Tribunella

Robert ). Masi

Kersis Velez

Ian R. Croft

j.T. Duffy'


Kesha L. Washington jennifer L. Whitson

Rebecca E. Cuddahee• 't

Karen M. Dunlap t Nadine F. Dwyer Deanna C. Egan Leigha M. Eichhorn Cheryl L. Elmendorf Marneda L. Evans jaclyn M. Farrelly Samamha A. Fasolino jammie L. Ferguson Shannon M. Ferguson jeffrey T. Fioretti Michelle A. Forte Eudson hancois Eric D. Frisicaro Colleen H. Gallant Kelly M. Gangloff Nicole R. Giancola Sarah W. Gilmartin Michele C. Girone Monica Y. Gomez Melody A. Gonez Tonya Fraser Paul E. Gartley Gina L. Ferris Michele T. Finnigan"'

Keiko Matsuura

Kellie M. (wick

Mark Maurer

AmyL Williams

Sara A. Dare

Rebecca A. May· Cheryl R. McCallum Megan T. JV!cCarthy Stephanie E. McClain' Patrick R. McGough Sean M. McLaughlin Deanna M. Mekarski Edelyne Mercredi Marlene j. Miller Rosanne !\1. Miller Yasin I. Mohammed MichelleM. Monaco Lisette Montalvo Charles F. Morlock IJanisha Nicole Bailey Catherine ). Murrell

Tammy L. Wolfgang Yukiko Yamazaki

Timothy L. Darling Craig R. Dearstyne

Lori A. Dejohn


Rachel C. Demarco Karen M. Edwards Dawn M. Emlaw* Letitia M. Foisset Gretchen M. Gabel William j. Gallagher joseph P. Garlipp Gregory j. Glover johnna Glover· David M. Gram Rachelle j. Gray Hillary K. Green•• Anthony j. Grisanti jason R. Griswold Melissa A. llager Suzanne j. Hagyard jennifer L. Harris Brian T. Hartnell Gabriel A. Humben jeanine C. Hunter Christine A. Hustead Christopher jenis Khalelah S. Kaiyum Paul F. Kane )r. jason S. Keem jason 1'. Kilonsky Benjamin K. Kindzia Abbie M. Kirkendall" Michelle H. Kowalski Curtiss j. Kuczkowski Dawn M. Kwiatkowski' Tevita S. Gaines Deanna M. King Barbara A. Lynch-johnt joseph H. Manente Thomas S. Maniscalco Christopher T. McAuliffe Matthe1v D. McCreary• joshua Medina William M. Meier Samantha A. Mongin jason ,\J. Morrone Erin M. McGarvey Robert E. Lake Suzanne K. Locke Leslie A. Lutz

DECEMBERI998 james A. Gielow

Sarah A. McKilligan' •

)o E. Morgan

Lydia G. Pomeroy David S. Rogalski Thomas E. Safran ;\leredith A. Sorce

MAY 1999

Steven A. Ansell Kevin M. Bethin Andrew j. Dulak Craig D. Feldman Cassandra L. Fiorito

Michael A. Nanni

Arya Nasier

Chri> G. l\'egus Scoll A. Nelley Kristin 1. Nesbill

Eric). Frick"

Douglas G. :-liclwls Jr. Kevin M. Nightingale Kathleen R. O'Brien" Patrick E. O'Donnell Elizabeth 0. Palmieri Christopher S. Parada

:VIeegan Alicia Hamilton

Nathan P. Hugill Dong-min Kim Kazuko Koshikawa

Carrie A. Gonza

jennifer L. Graczyk·"

Michelle D. Grady

Allen J. Lewis

jakai R. Green

Katrina D. Lindstrom

Linda M. Greenan Vanessa S. Guile Matthew P. Gurgol Melissa D. Harris

Melanie R. Parisi

AuGUST 1999

April S. McCabe

Mark D. Parr•

Salim F. Ali

Kimberly F. McCullough

Mark A. Parrotte

Nicole S. Berry

Brandon D. McKean )ana Measures·•· Allison M. Morellc Angela E. Mosseau Pattyann S. Turner Carolyn K. Wong

Cleandrew Pallerson Christopher R. Penn Michael T. Peszko Amy L. Petkovsek Michael j. Petro Shawna M. Pierce Maureen S. Portman Ericka G. Rankin Tamara T. Ray Dennis J. Reed jr. john C. Reiter Peter A. Reuben Christopher M. Riso

Michael Russcll llonh~ovanni

Kathleen A. Henderson james M. Hennessy

Miriam!. Bustos Anthony Camacho Nicole IJ. Chambers Kacy L. Chisom james A. Clemons Robert M. Coolidge Angeles Cossio Jasmin S. Cullins

Kathleen M. Hess Kendrick A. Hill

George Arroyo Jr. Tasha ). Ashby

jason D. Hills

Guven Yildiz Maria Zissis

Sharon R. Axberg• ..

Carrie A. Hoffman Brian R. Hogan' Megan D. Ilogan Kelly M. Hornung• Myzette R. Howell Melvin P. Huffnagle Debora K. Ivins· Annetta E. james Melisa C. Jaworski jeffery j. Horn

Brian Bailey

Teresa A. Bantelman Lisette M. Batista Cheryl A. Becker jed A. Bernardoni Michael R. Blackmon Tracey A. Bradshaw

AUGUST 1999 Markenzy Cesar

Kara j. Dalton

Rebekah N. Davis

Katrina D. Lindstrom

Miriam Carol Easton·•·

Chaka D. Edwards


David Rivas

Erin Elizabeth Edwards Bonnie L. Eschborn jesse D. Farber Dianne Germele jeremy j. Gonzalez Kathryn A. Howells Shivindcr S. Kanwal Stephanie K. Kokinos Milton R. Lamb Jr. Kathryn H. Leacock· Heather L. Leumer Silvia M. Lloyd*' Christina M. Lopez Keith A. ~larshall Laura D. McKenica Eric M. jones

Erica L. Brewster Jamie L. Brown

David j. Roberts

DECEMBER 1998 Alexis L. Abbate' Phyllis M. Adamczyk Rachel L. Adimey"'· Linda T. Adornetto

Niurka S. Rodriguez

Carl C. Byrd

Keri A. Jehle

Gerald M. Rojek

Ryan j. Canavan Authorine S. Carr Deborah A. Carrick Michael R. Castanza Ill Colleen M. Cavanaugh t

Rachel M. Jurek Kelly I. Kaminska

Ann M. Romanczak Lynn Yl. Romano Rebecca M. Roycroft• • Woodshel M. Saintil Roderick B. Salisbury'··

john V. Karlis

Raul A. Aguayo

Kenneth P. Kavanagh t

Rimma Muchnik jaime L. Murphy Russell C. Nicometi

Peter j. Ahl

Leslie A. Kee

Fazha A. Alamari

Ruth A. Chang

Shaista K. Khan Scott D. Kienzle

Ylichael W. Sands Rebecca j. Schuelke Dennis j. Schultz Sara E. Schumacher Gregg A. Shapiro Scott R. Sherman

jeanette M. Alexander Dominic M. Amici Jr. Deanna M. Anderson

jason A. Nowak

David T. Chmielewski"

jennifer A. O'Donohoe Malissa A. Offerbeck'

Christopher S. Choplin·Brown julie E. Kirsch'"

joseph M. Ciccone'

lnthadeth Komany Christy G. Kovoor Amanda L. Lanning

Scott A. Anderson

Amy L. Overbeck Dennis L. Pack· Saman tha L. Patti

julia L. Ciesla'

Kelly A. Baker·

Stephanie M. Cole Aaron Coleman

Chad L. Barnattan Maura A. Barnes

Scott j. Lauck

Randy j. Simons


• cumlaude " magna cum laude •"' summa cum laude t dual degree

Tammy S. Beakman• • Paul T. Becigneul Dawn ,\•1. Belair Brock R. Benson joanna R. Beres' Richard P. Bezinque Jolene K. Blood· Keri A. Bonda Scott E. Book ,\·1 ichael Bowers ~1adison L. Boyce Rachel P. Bricca• Amy B. Brosius Robert A. Brown Carroll A. Buck julie M. Burgio Amy K. Burkett Kimberly Burtis Mariana Capozzi ~1anuel Caraballo !v!ichael S. Carleo Paul A. Braun RichardS. Campagna 1'\icholas j. Cianfrini Andrew M. Cichocki Sabatino Cimato Francis). Clark Ill Dawn A. Coia· •• Maya L. Coleman Robert J. Coniglio Albert L. Cousins IV• Michael J. Crandall Robin R. Curran' Kevin M. Czamara• Erik F. D'Anna Craig M. Dana"' jimmy P. Daniels Michele L. Dawley :VIichael S. DeLuca Debra 1\. Cristina john Culkin Laura M. Cummings'" Jamie E. Blanco Michelle L. Blaszkowiak Edward Carter Ernest Carter Regina L. Cassenti' Aracelis Castillo Rosario M. Castillo Stephen R. Cavanaugh Renee L. Cerullo' FionW. Chia

Michelle L. Pirolli

Gregory 1'. Waterman· Kristine A.Watier• Dawn E. Watson Thomas j. Weaver Edward j. Wegman 1'\aomi N. Whiters jennifer L. Wikar Paulette M. Williams Tamara L. Williams Tawanda L. Williams jennifer ~1. Wroblewski William B. Yaeger Kristen M. Yates Hidat S. Yig7A1w ~lichael W. Young Shuying Zhang· ~lichacl D. Zmuda jason A. Zuch Michael D. Zuch julie A. Zybert' '• Fateen M. Abdellatif Daniel Abendschein• johnM. Abraham Jr. Marcos A. Abreu Andrea M. /\dams MAY 1999 jennifer L. Willis Michelle A. Winiarski Kerry A. Woods Richard). Wright

William). Blarr john P. Bloniarz

)one Le

Melissa D. Ertel Stacie D. Evans Keith E. Falkowski

jessica L. Piskorowski• Kimberly S. Platt Keith A. Plekan Da\•id A. !'Iewinski julia T. Podsiadlo·· · ~lark A. Pogodzinski Claudia C. Ponton

William). Licata Heather M. Lippert Andrew). Litterc ,'vlichael T. Logar Timothy A. Long C'\icholas E. Lopresto ,\Iichael P. Lusk Shaun A. ~laddox ~lichacl M. Maher Carolyn S. Malcomb t Pauline M. Mariani• • Kevin A. ~lartell" · julianneMartin"· Shawn M. Masterson jason A. Mayle Katie M. Mazgaj Cory M. McAllister Jeffrey M. McAuliffe Brent ll. McBride Michelle L ,\lcBurney Mark D. Martin jessica L. Mang jason C. Mann·

Marcy M. Bochinski

Frank). Bogdan Cheryl D. Bones

Deborah A. Ferdinand

Lisa M. Ferris

~lichele L. Bookamer· •·

Michael). Filipetti Brian :-1. Fischer"' Emily). Fischer Luke D. Fitzsimmons Andrew ~I. Flett" Heather T. Foss• Danny). Fracassi jr. Lisa M. Fragale'· Christopher R. Frank Francis C. Franklin Michelle E. Freedman LaurieR. Fromberg Brandon L. Gendron Reginald D. Gill Lorraine E. Givens julia 1\. Goodwin•· David E. Graf•" Christopher C. Gruttaria Daniel P. Gustafson*" Gregory M. Haase• · • Rachelle ). Gray Denise M. Fulton jeffrey A. Gadd Amy E. Garcia jill M. Gately

Todd F. Borrman Todd L. Borsa Susan L. Bosley Erica R. Boswell Aida Boujaoude Andrew j. Bowen·

john F. Potratz Barbara). Pratt

~lichael Q. Primus II Kenneth R. Pytlak joseph,-.,[. Quarantillo

Barbara E. Bowman"'

Renae A. Raczka

Brent C. Bowman .'vlelissa ). Boyce

Katherine K. Rapovski

Danna L. Reed

Sarah Boyd

Matthew G. Regan Heather A. Reid Daniel R. Rey Dawn M. Riggie Michelle L. Riley Michael A. Rivera Kenneth M. Rogers Anthony P. Ross Stephanie L. Ruch" Fred LJ. Rutherford II Rebecca M. Ryan Henry). Sadowski Daniel A. Savino james P. Schrauf;tetter Peter M. Schregel Debra T. Scolnick Tammy L. Scott" Michael A. Sicienski Peter A. Sienkiewicz· • Laron L. Rowe Linda Rozcski April 1\. Saxer EricK. Schmidt Nicole L. Siracusa Randy R. Skrypek Lekya S. Slaughter Bethany D. Smith Kristi P. Smith•" Sheldon L. Smith Lamar D. Snow Cheryl A. Spriegei• Michael ).Stenzel LanceR. Stern julie L. Stinson• Danielle E. Straeck Anna M. Suranyi' Casey E. Steck Mitchell B. Steinhorn Deborah L. Swanson"'

Lakesha P. Boykin Christopher T. Braun Michelle L. Brick julie A. Brittin• Michael Broderick 1\rarlD. llrorlnicki Taryn M. Brooks Kathleen M. Browne Vaughn N. Browne Melissa C. Brozek Deanna M. Bruno Kimberly G. Bryant

julie B. McCarthy janet S. McDonald Jamie K. McKay Kelly A. McKee Darrin j. McKie

Renee 1.. Brzyski

Shannon T. Bugenhagen

Gregory W. McOwen Roberta S. Meister Angelica M. Melendez Rigoberto Melendez

Ycnnga T.llui Nicole M. Bullen Michael W. Burd Carie). Buttery

Bradley S. Hahn Lisa A. Hamp

Ida Y. Adams

Garfield 0. Adamson

Brennan j. Hanagan• Gregg R. Harrington Victoria E. Hayek•

Ilaffour i\djei

Dana M. Mendola Allen T. Mercer

Philips E. Aguilar Nabeal A. Ahmed

julius A. Cabbagestalk

Brandi L. Callari

Robert J. Hearn

Maureen F. Merlette· ·' Patrick). Merrick Phillip R. Miano Christopher). Mineo Michelle Miszewski • David P. Mizerak Scan 0. Moore Scott R. Morris Stephanie M. Moyer Rimma Muchnik Constance M. Mueller"'

Fazih A. Alasri

Carolyn E. Camm'* Michelle A. Campbell' Michele Cannizzaro Armando F. Capozzi

/\my). lleidenfeldt' Stephen C. Helwig

Nicholas Albanese )aydene Albert •

Ullin A. llenry

Cary E. Allen Amy M. Alviti

G. E. IIesse

Bernard L. Carey

Ryan T. Higgins jennifer L. Hill'" jeanne M. Hocieniec

Marlene Rene AIviti Caron K. Andersen jill R. Anderson'" Sandra L. Andrews •· Krista M. Anthony

David A. Carl

Carmela Carlino Robert j. Carlson Christy L. Carter' john W. Caruso

Brent P. Holst Kyung P. Hong Emily K. Hull

Christopher W. Arcadipanc

Amy Casillas-Rodriguez

Kelly A. Hyla

Michelle Muldoon Michael P. Murphy Kimberly M. Myers" Douglas T. Newman Carmalita A. North Dana T. Noud juliaN. Novak Leila j.l\owyhed Michael F. Nucci Mariselle Ocasio Harry K. Ondell• · Lori M. Overbeck George IV. Overs Marius M. Owens Stephen C. Packard Michael Padlmno Allison t\. Parker·' • Kathleen E. Pasier Eric J. Pellegrino GiovaneUa PeUigra Andrea M. Pcmpscll 1\nne Opladen Luis R. Ortiz Steve T. Nigro

Sarah N. Archibald''

Scott G. Cassatt .\-larkS. Catanzaro

joseph R.Ippolito

Kwabena Asante

Fouzia jabeen

Christopher M. Asicllo Brigette A. Atlas*' llrandon E. Bacon jason R. Bardo! Kristen M.llarr jacqueline A. Barrett Heather L. !lartcl Robin M. Barto Lynda M. Battaglia Candace L. Bautz Tracey E. Bechtel jennifer A. Beck Nicole M. Beckage" Chantel E. Beliveau

Frank Celeste•

Tiffanie R. jackson

>licole S. Chandler Robert C. Chapman Kimbcrlec L. Chechak Thays I. Chee-Chong Amy M. Chimento

Elaine N. jama Gary H. Janas•

Kevin P. Dean Patricia S. Dee

juice M. jaruszawicus

Denise M. jezioro

Rachael E. Devald

Sathyan K. Kandaswami

Denise Dibello

Linh II. Thang

Maria Chirico

Stephen M. Kanner

Richard P. Diegelman Leonardo F. Dionicio*• Cynthia A. Dombrowski

Brian E. Thompson Timotl1y D. Thurnau

Andrew james Chudy Molly A. Chud?.inski' ' •

David R. Kean Leslie A. Kee

Bradley Tober

Serena M. Cirasa joseph R. Clarke Corey :VI. Cobb Richard C. Coburn Eleanor S. Coffey' AmyL. Cole•· Leon Collins Roslyn L. Collins Richard). Condino Megan R. Conley MichaelS. Conmy joe Constantine Coleen M. Cook• Ami B. Cole Maria Colucci

Nabil Khan

Stacey D. Dominick jennifer L. Doud''

Wendy M. Tocha Timothy F. Tolli

Deborah F. Kimble Larry D. King•' Steve M. Kolarich

Deborah A. Tonsoline"'

Robbie Draffin

Lawrence). Toole Cynthia A. Topor

joseph). Draganac· Chef)d A. Drew Kelly). Driskei•· Christopher R. Dudek' jennifer M. Dziak jennifer). Dziewiesz

Edward). Koll

joseph S. Benes

Christy A. Komenda' Michael M. Kotlarski"'"

Amy M. Travis Lisa M. Trode

Demetrius X. Bennett

Lori j. Bentley

Lisa M. Kozlowski Aliscia M. Krecisz Glenn D. Krulisky Susan C. Kubala

Christina M. Turner

Gregory R. Berdzik

Thomas M. VaccareUi Jr. Kevin G. Valazza Lizbeth Valdez Tanya Van Gelder Scott ). Vanderwerf Yoty R. Villacorta Katherine E. Waddell Danielle M. Wardak jacqueline C. Washington

Deadra A. Berg

Laura). Eberl jacob J. Eckert

Pamela I\1. Berk' ·' Chris K. Bernard Michael D. Bernhardt

LisaK. Kubiak KeUy L. Kulik

joanne). Eckert••

Christopher). Penberthy

Christopher j. Edwards Marea A. Eggert •••

Anne M. Bielinski Cheryl A. Bihari

Christian j. Kull· ••

Stephen). Perna

Brett C. Kyser"'

Andrew H. Peterson Carl j. Petroziello Roberta M. Picken>

Sadeq A. Elbaneh

Bruce E. llinde

Kyle F. Cook

Ann R. Lamancuso"· Monica D. Latumena"*

Craig K. Elis

Tawyaina E. Bivens Kerry A. Blandford

Thomas J. Cooney jeremy N. Cooper

Anne E. Engler

Connie L. Lavelle• •

Stephen J. Pike


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