Thames Valley Police - Head of Facilities Management

Current Estate Priority Work-Streams

The force’s recently updated Asset Management Framework (2023 – 2028) provides the strategic framework for determining departmental priorities and resource effort. The department is currently engaged in some significant projects, programmes and initiatives which collectively represent both challenges and opportunities. The business critical drivers for PSD are the continuing need to work progressively towards a leaner and more cost efficient estate, maintaining estate operability, whilst at the same time actively supporting and enabling the force to achieve its objectives for organisational change and enhanced operational performance [against the background of a very challenging nationalfinancialclimate].APSDseniorpresenceonbusinessprogrammeandprojectboards is standard practice, ensuring early engagement and identification of estate requirements. The department’s priority work-streams that are currently the focus of activity and resourcing are as follows:

• Delivery of an ambitious estate rationalisation programme to achieve further financial (revenue) savings and where possible generate capital receipts • Replacement and downsizing of some large ‘legacy’ operational sites at key locations • Custody Estate Review programme to deliver new custody ‘hubs’ (x2/3) and refurbish existing retained custody suites • Implementing our new Sustainability Strategy incorporating carbon reduction targets and delivery plan/programme • Roll-out of estate enabling initiatives/projects in support of the force’s ‘Working Smart’ (new ways of working post COVID) programme • Development of a prioritised 10 year Strategic Estate Requirements Plan + resourcing implications • Undertake & complete an updated programme of building condition surveys to inform the force’s Forward Maintenance Register in order to identify future planned maintenance priorities and funding implications

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