Farmingdale PT: Tendonitis and Sports

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Experience: She graduated from Nassau Community College from the PTA program. She’s been a PTA for 22 years, and she was an aid before becoming a PTA. The reason she chose to work at FPT West: Kim chose to work at FPT West because she loves working for Butch (our main PT), she thinks he’s extremely smart and she learns a lot from him. She also loves the experience she gains working here as well as the good vibes. Favorite part of being a PTA: Kim loves the outcome of helping patients. She loves knowing she helps individuals to reach their personal goal and helping them feel better.

Experience: He graduated SUNY Brockport from the PTA program and acquired a degree in Sports Medicine. He’s been a PTA for 30 years. The reason he chose to work at FPT West: Rich loves the fact that he has an independent schedule, he loves working with our patients, and he loves being able to utilize everything he’s learned over the years. Favorite part of being a PTA: Rich loves assessing patients. He enjoys hearing about what’s bothering them and answering the question “why do they have that pain?” He also loves helping people feel better.

His hobbies outside of work: Gardening, hiking, working out

Her hobbies outside of work: Raising her kids, music, spending time with family.

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