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Experience: She graduated from Nassau Community College from the PTA program. She’s been a PTA for 22 years, and she was an aid before becoming a PTA. The reason she chose to work at FPT West: Kim chose to work at FPT West because she loves working for Butch (our main PT), she thinks he’s extremely smart and she learns a lot from him. She also loves the experience she gains working here as well as the good vibes. Favorite part of being a PTA: Kim loves the outcome of helping patients. She loves knowing she helps individuals to reach their personal goal and helping them feel better.

Experience: He graduated SUNY Brockport from the PTA program and acquired a degree in Sports Medicine. He’s been a PTA for 30 years. The reason he chose to work at FPT West: Rich loves the fact that he has an independent schedule, he loves working with our patients, and he loves being able to utilize everything he’s learned over the years. Favorite part of being a PTA: Rich loves assessing patients. He enjoys hearing about what’s bothering them and answering the question “why do they have that pain?” He also loves helping people feel better.

His hobbies outside of work: Gardening, hiking, working out

Her hobbies outside of work: Raising her kids, music, spending time with family.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

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Dear Valued Client,

of and best treatment options for those injuries as soon as possible, so you always know exactly what your body needs to feel at its best. Understanding Tendonitis While there are some sports injuries that happen after a bad day, there are others that develop over time. Tendonitis is an incredibly common issue that causes pain to develop in the joints. This can impact the hips, knees, elbows or shoulders. Pain caused by tendonitis can impact everyday activities, making it exceedingly difficult to remain comfortable day to day or to remain active. Tendonitis can make simple activities such as picking up a gallon of milk, or attempting to put something away on a shelf over your head, incredibly painful and challenging. Unfortunately, when tendonitis develops, it often sticks around. This means that pain that begins as frustrating and seemingly minor can quickly become chronic and incredibly painful. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to address tendonitis pain early on, to improve range of motion and reduce the severity of your pain without having to turn to pain medications. For more information about preventing or treating pain from tendonitis, contact us today!

Athletes are naturally at an increased risk for experiencing injuries. This is not as a result of any particular health issue that athletes typically have in common. Instead, it is a simple exposure equation. The more frequently you push yourself to try new


things, to engage in physical activity, or to push yourself to reach a new goal, the more you are going to increase your risk for potential injury. On more days than not, the injury won’t happen, but as every athlete knows, it only takes one bad day — one day when fatigue throws off your form just enough to cause your gait to be off, for you to feel a little distracted and not realize an obstacle is coming up, or just a fluke of a moment in which something goes wrong and you go down. What makes matters worse is the fact that many athletes attempt to push past the pain of their initial injuries, which often leads to those injuries becoming more severe. Working with a physical therapist is especially important for athletes for this reason. A physical therapist can help identify potential issues with posture, or form, that may increase your risk for injury, help identify potential injuries as they develop, and assess the severity


Tendonitis is a common issue among athletes because it develops as a result of overuse. While the average person may engage in standard physical tasks such as walking or typing, an athlete takes that repetitive behavior to a new level. Consider a tennis player, for example. In addition to running and jumping, a skilled tennis player will spend hours every week swinging the racket, and this could result in added wear and tear on the elbows and wrists, not to mention the shoulders. Every bone in the body is connected with muscular fibers called tendons. The tendons are flexible, allowing the body to move more freely by letting bones stretch apart or move in one direction or another. Tendonitis occurs when the tendons become inflamed. Swelling in the tendons can make movement painful and difficult. Typically, when pain is caused as a result of tendonitis, the pain is isolated at the noted areas of the body.This means that a tennis player may experience tendonitis in the elbow or shoulder, whereas a runner may be more likely to experience it in the Achilles tendon. In fact, this is why tendonitis in the

elbow is frequently referred to as tennis elbow, while Achilles tendonitis is sometimes referred to as runner’s ankles or runner’s heels. Treating Tendonitis The best treatment for tendonitis is time. Unfortunately, this is something that many people are unable to give to an injury. When tendonitis develops, the best thing to do is to use ice and to relax that part of the body. Taking a few days off of practice or away from your workout may be sufficient, but in other cases, this may require a few days in a wheelchair or on crutches, with the bulk of your weight off of the affected area. Working with a physical therapist can help you identify the best treatment methods for tendonitis. Your physical therapist can also help you identify the best range of motion and strength-building activities to reduce your likelihood of developing tendonitis. For more information about preventing or treating pain from tendonitis, contact us today!

Healthy Recipe

Spinach &Egg Sweet Potato Toast INGREDIENTS • 1 large slice sweet potato ( ¼ inch thick) • ⅓ cup cooked spinach • 1 large egg, fried or poached • ½ teaspoon sliced fresh chives • ½ teaspoon hot sauce

DIRECTIONS Toast sweet potato in a toaster or toaster oven until just cooked through and starting to brown, 12 to 15 minutes. Top with spinach, egg, chives and hot sauce.

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“I went to Dr. Ruotolo, I was having trouble with my right shoulder. He checked me out in my MRI. He said to me it wasn’t that intensified to get surgery. I asked him, “who would you go to for a physical therapist?” And he referred me to Henry “Butch” Purslow. I got here; Butch evaluated me. Gave me exercises to do with the staff. They were very attentive towards me. I felt better, I was moving better, I was listening to their exercises and how to do it. My shoulder got much stronger. I couldn’t be at a better place for treatment and fitness. I will always refer anyone else here.” - Richard G.

Colins favorite food: Bacon, egg, cheese with salt, pepper, and ketchup. But I also enjoy pizza and Zorn’s!

Colin’s hobbies: Playing guitar, listening to records, and reading books.

Colin’s favorite part of working at FPTW: My billing team and all my other wonderful co workers

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We asked our Patient of the Month a few questions! Below are his responses: Favorite Food? Chicken parmesean, baked ziti, and Calamari. Hobbies? Sports, going to the movies, and fishing. How long have you been a patient here? 3 months. Favorite part about FPTW? Seeing the staff, they are the best at what they do.

David S.

Research has shown that acupuncture has the ability to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the body’s own opiate- like chemicals to control pain.

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