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Our Days in Cancun

Whenever someone mentions the word vacation, I picture Cancun. After you set foot in Mexico, there’s something about the weather and atmosphere that pulls on you all year. My wife and I visited a few years ago, and we left feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated even after we returned home. We have pictures on our wall at home, and they’re a constant reminder of that world.

– Don Sevcik This summer, we’re not planning any trips away from home, but I turn to the great memories from Mexico anytime I want to get away. One couple we met was from Ireland, and the husband was probably one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met. He was just so positive and happy to be alive — one of those people who you only run across once out of every 10,000 people you meet. We played volleyball with him and his wife, and it was interesting to hear about their experiences in Ireland. We seriously considered booking a trip after meeting them, but we prefer vacations that involve sun and beaches. We spent plenty of time on the beach and visited an incredible aquatic reserve that was home to manatees and dolphins. It was nice to see this area dedicated to preserving and protecting marine life. The staff were very careful about not doing anything that could harm the animals — only certain sunscreens were allowed in the water, and we had to take our shoes off before getting in. They didn’t want to upset the balance. While we were visiting the reserve, we watched as one woman fed carrots to a manatee. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting woman, the manatee had to sneeze, and as it did, it sprayed carrots all over her face. She took it in stride, though, and just laughed at the encounter. It’s hard to imagine someone having the same reaction anywhere else on Earth. The default mood there is happy.

As soon as you land in Mexico, the stress melts away. The weather is outstanding. It rains for short bursts, then the sun comes out to shine on the green, plush environment. Even the fruit tastes better in Mexico. The mangoes are juicier, the bananas are more flavorful, and the papayas are sweeter. There’s always a warm vibe whenever you walk past people on the streets. Even if they don’t speak a word to you, there’s always a positive feeling emanating from them.

The place we stayed in Cancun had a private pool where no kids were allowed, complete with a swim-up bar. One of the best parts of that resort was meeting people from all over the world — the U.K., Spain, China — and it was cool to meet people from different cultures when we weren’t all that far from home. There were so many people our age taking a break from work and the “real world” to relax in that tropical setting.


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