April 2021

Remove stains with lemons “Lemon is a great disinfectant,” she says. “It’s also safe enough to consume and makes a great fruit and vegetable rinse.” But her go-to application for straight citrus is as a stain remover. Use it on your cutting boards and on your white clothes—for the latter, try a mix of one part lemon juice and three parts water, then leave it in the sun to bleach naturally.

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Cut through grease with vinegar and dish soap Vinegar and dish soap could be considered the perfect marriage of at-home cleaning agents, especially when it comes to creating solutions that cut through kitchen grease and bathroom scum.“The dish soap helps

Cleaning House Spring cleaning on your mind? You’re probably already planning some home cleaning. Exercising a little ingenuity can mean reducing waste, cost, and harmful chemicals. Talk about multitasking!

the vinegar stick to the surface longer,while alsoworking as a

degreaser,”Figueroa says. For both applications, create a 50/50mix in a spray bottle, apply, let it sit, and scrub if desired.“I always recommend cleaning brushes made of coconut husk. It’s antimicrobial, so it never smells and lasts a long time, reducing waste and money spent.”

use lemon peels Consider the following ways to upcycle your lemon peels 1 RUB the fleshy part of the lemon peel on metal faucets to break up grime and hard water buildup. 2 CHOP them up and toss them down the garbage disposal for a natural deodorizer.

by Sarah Pfledderer


hen life gives you lemons, make a home cleaning solution. Do it when life gives you vinegar and dish soap, too. According to Sonora Refillery owner Marissa

Figueroa, these three ingredients—and a little patience—are all you need to jump-start your cleaning routine. “A big mistake people make is not letting the cleaner soak in,” Figueroa says. “We’re all in such a hurry. Even the store brands filled with chemicals have a suggested soak time to allow the product to soften up grime. Take a breath, focus on something else, and circle back around.” Figueroa shares three easy ways to apply these everyday ingredients, along with a few other helpful pointers to keep your space shining!

Clean windows with vinegar “Vinegar should always be diluted, since it’s highly acidic. Higher concentrations can even eat through countertops,”Figueroa warns.“When cleaningwindows, dilute it by 50 percent withwater.”For these applications, simply treat it as you would any other glass cleaner: Spray, wipe, and admire the streak-free view.

3 SOAK them in vinegar for two

weeks in the fridge and use the liquid as an infused cleaning agent.


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