April 2021

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GREEN THUMB: SOMEWHAT SUGGESTED Admiring a Chinese money plant takes no experience. Creating an environment that promotes its growth requires patience and maybe a lile perseverance, since every home is dierent and the plant is known to be persnickety about its care. A few rules of green thumb to follow: Never overwater; put it in bright, indirect light; and do repot so it doesn’t become root-bound. LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS South- or west-facing windows usually provide the best bright, indirect light—just what the Chinese money plant likes. Dwyer says, “Your plant wants to see the sky without geing touched by the sun rays.” Once you find a spot that’s just right, rotate the plant every few weeks to ensure it grows straight and not just toward the light. WATERING REQUIREMENTS The soil dampness—or lack thereof—should be your guide for when to water this green guy. They like to dry out entirely between waterings, which can take anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on how much light they receive, the temperature of your home, and other variables. One tip: Stick a chopstick or toothpick in the pot, and if it comes out clean, it’s time to water. Most importantly, Dwyer says, “Always err on the side of underwatering.” PLANTING POINTERS Chinese money plants know what they want, and they do not want to be root-bound, which is when roots cluster to conform to the shape of their container. To avoid this, repot your Chinese money plant into a pot that’s two to three inches wider every two to three years. For the easiest transfer, keep it in plastic containers and then place those in decorative planters. PRICE $10–$48 (AKA PILEA PEPEROMIOIDES) This import is wildly popular for its perfectly round leaves that resemble coins. Here, Rachel Dwyer, owner of Craftmossphere, fills out our tip sheet on the plant that was once so rare in the US, she says people were paying upward of $100 for them. Chinese Money Plant

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