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to bemade—and that manymore lives will be enhanced by those discoveries. As people join our Melaleuca family by the tens of thousands each month, we stand more prepared than ever before to help them reach their goals. If they desire the finest health-promoting products in the world, we are prepared to deliver these products to them. If they desire to build a stable, rewarding Melaleuca business, we stand ready to assist them like never before. Our business is a relationship-based business. Teamwork is not only essential, it is also rewarding. And you can count on Melaleuca to be there with you every step of the way. We appreciate all those who have made Melaleuca such a great place! We have far surpassed our original vision, but our vision has greatly expanded. As we have moved forward, our headlights have steadily increased in brightness. And they shine far out in front of us now. We can see many of the awesome opportunities that lie before us. Each new year, we set new, lofty goals. And we continue to surpass them. We invite you to join us in setting goals for the future and move forward with us. Your horizons will expand as you begin to realize that you have much more potential than you ever imagined. It’s a process of personal growth and personal development. It’s what life is all about! And it is really fun! We are thrilled to be on this exciting journey with you.

safe, natural, effective products in their homes, and they have found that nothing compares to Melaleuca products. These loyal customers are the foundation of our business. We are grateful they have taken the time to investigate our products and learn why their benefits far surpass the grocery-store or drug-store brands. In the beginning, we were so excited about our phenomenal Melaleuca Oil that we expected our entire product line to revolve around Melaleuca Oil. We had no idea then that we would find dozens of other natural ingredients that would be even more exciting and even more beneficial, but in different ways. We did not anticipate the discovery of Oligo ® mineral-delivery technology or imagine that our Peak Performance Pack would be clinically proven on two separate continents and found to improve 25 key health markers. We had not learned of Dr. Larry Wang’s research on adenosine inhibition, or the multiple advantages of psyllium husk, the benefits of glucosamine, or the effect of cinnamon phenols and chromium on blood sugar control. We had no idea we would be teaming up with major universities for ongoing research. We had yet to learn that a household disinfectant could be made from 100% food-grade ingredients. There was no Renew ®, and Sei Bella ® was beyond imagination. We just had a phenomenal product called Melaleuca Oil, and we wanted to enhance lives. But from that modest beginning, we have moved forward at a phenomenal pace to one discovery after another. We may just be extremely fortunate, but I am inclined to believe that someone is looking out for us. We have learned a great deal in the last 31 years. It has been a very exciting journey. But our pace is beginning to quicken. We have just finished the most successful year ever and our pace continues to quicken. I look forward to the future with anticipation that there aremanymore discoveries

Expanding Our Vision


Our mission of Enhancing the Lives of ThoseWe Touch® has been a guiding beacon to keep us on course since the very first day we were in business. In the beginning I believed the day would come when we would have a few individuals who would take the opportunity to build their Melaleuca businesses to perhaps an annual income of one or two hundred thousand dollars. I anticipated that most of our members would use their Melaleuca business to supplement their existing income, and that many lives would be rewarded financially because of their efforts. In truth, I was quite short-sighted. I had no idea that in just 31 years we would have several families that would actually exceed a million dollars a year, and that we would be sending checks to hundreds of thousands of families every month. I knew we were building something good. But I had no idea that it would grow and develop to what it is today. I was right about one thing though: the vast majority of Melaleuca

families have kept their jobs and use their Melaleuca income to supplement their current income. I was wrong about the size of that income however, as it has become obvious that the Melaleuca “supplemental” income often exceeds their income from their full- time employment. Nevertheless, we always encourage people to never quit their full-time job and to add their Melaleuca income to their original income, and if they follow our advice, their lives will be greatly enhanced. The success of our Marketing Executives is very exciting and fulfilling to me. Perhaps even more fulfilling is the fact that besides those who are building a business, more than a million other households use our products—not because they want to build a business, but because they love our products. They don’t receive the financial rewards because they may not necessarily be business oriented—but they want






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