Tasmanian Hospitality Review - February / March 2023

Designed with a ‘Sydney’ vibe in mind, Franklin Wharf may have been an expensive venture – especially at the height of Covid – but as an experienced publican Vaughan is aware there is no resting on your laurels. And the fact it is one of a handful venues in the vicinity which have undergone transformations is only good for Tasmanian hospitality as a whole. “Look at all the developments on the waterfront and even North Hobart and Mid Town, everyone’s looking for new venues,” Vaughan says. “Everyone has their honeymoon period for two or three years and if you’re not spending or redeveloping, you’re going to be left behind the eight ball. That’s why we did Franklin Wharf, to bring something new, a

premium venue to the waterfront and in particular with the function centre as well, a premium function space overlooking the water. “You’ve got to redevelop and you’ve got to spend the money. I mean, is it a great time to be building and redeveloping the way inflation and interest rates and everything else is going with the cost of living? Probably not, but if you don’t do it, you’re going to be left right behind. The more people that redevelop the venues on the waterfront region, you look at the Telegraph and Shippies, it just brings more people to the area. Everyone benefits from it, whether we spend the money or someone else spends the money on a new venue, it just brings people out and then they end up in your venue anyway.”



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