Tasmanian Hospitality Review - February / March 2023

oldest part of the building, it’s stuff like that you can’t really recreate with new things. So to me it was really important that we maintained that kind of integrity and that that kind of classic feel. But the rest, it was just time I think. We still have got a couple of things to fix but once we get that done, I think we’ve done a pretty good job.” Down the road in Sandy Bay, The Metz has been reborn thanks to co-owners Alex Haros and Drew Port and like Shippies, welcomed customers back just prior to Christmas. Best mates Haros (Mr Burger) and Port (Room for a Pony) had loosely discussed the idea of going into business together in the past, but when they were approached to look at The Metz, the memories came flooding back and temptation took over.

Metz coming back and it is a haunt that a lot of people have fond memories of,” Port says. “There was almost big shoes to fill, but we’re really happy with the way we executed it. People have been flocking to us since we’ve opened. “Feedback has been really good. It’s sort of my generation who came to it as the Metz, and then there’s a lot of locals particularly who remember it is Nickleby’s and the amount of times I’ve heard stories about the dance floor shaking and all that sort of stuff. There’s a very rich history I guess and it’s nice to sort of carry that on.” Located at 217 Sandy Bay Rd, The Metz has had a number of guises since being sold by the previous owners in 2011, including the most recent Dave’s Hot Pot venture which closed earlier last year. Since taking

“Obviously there was that sort of hype around The



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