Tasmanian Hospitality Review - February / March 2023


What a great start it has been to 2023 with the continuation of the growth we saw last year. I’m excited to be back as THA president advocating for our great industry, working to continue the upward curve we have seen in the past 12 months. As always there will be some obstacles and opposition from the usual suspects along the journey as we surge forward – but there is no doubt that Tasmanian hospitality is back where it belongs. I’m pleased to be a part of a united and committed THA board and I’m confident this group of passionate and experienced people will continue the good work and strong leadership that the THA is renowned for. What is especially pleasing to see is a strong female presence on our board for 2023. The importance of women in our industry cannot be underestimated and it is vital we have appropriate representation at these levels. In taking over as president I have made this one of my priorities, I am extremely proud to see that the number of female board members has increased from last year with Alexia Kalis and Karen Burbury joining

Jocelyn Berechree and Shelley Richards on the board. Both Alexia and Karen are well respected, and are successful hospitality business owners, and I look forward to seeing what great ideas and suggestions they bring to the table. I’m also pleased to welcome Danny Veis, Leigh Reid, and Tony Kennedy to the board for 2023, all have worked in hospitality in different roles for many years and it’s great to have this level of experience helping to grow our industry. Paul Jubb as senior vice president along with John Dabner, Angelo Fraraccio, Martin Kelly, Michael Best and Matt Cock will all continued to volunteer their time, the diversity we have representing the entire state is arguably as good as it has ever been. Heading into my first full year as president, I am determined to keep the momentum we have built in the past 12 months. To see our industry come back as it has and grow is amazing and a credit to each and every business owner, operator and their staff.


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