2017 Purple Hearts Reunited Annual Report


Private Frank Lyman Dunnell Jr. 27th Infantry Division Buffalo, New York

Wounded in the Somme Offensive on October 2, 1918. His medal was

discovered at the Bank of New York and was returned to his Great-Niece,

Mrs. Carlson of Burlington, VT.

Army Sergeant George W. Roles 35th Infantry Division Edna, Kansas

Lost his life during intense fighting against the Germans in St. Lo, France.

His medal was discovered in a California home and was returned to his son,

Nick Geasland of San Diego, CA.

Army Private Dan Lyle Feragen 7th Infantry Division Carlyle, Montana

Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant Brian Woolley Flavelle 376th Bomber Group Essex County, New Jersey Served as a B-24 Bomber pilot, assigned to the 376th

Survived the infamous Bataan Death March in the Philippines, but died

inside a P.O.W. camp due to mistreatment by his captors. Receiving his medal

for the first time was his nephew and namesake, Lyle Feragen.

Bomber Group. Lt. Flavelle and his crew of the “Wongo

Wongo” lost their lives in “Black Sunday,” the costliest

mission in Air Force history, an August 1, 1943, raid on nine oil

refineries around Ploiești, Romania. His medal was discovered

Pvt. Frank Lyman Dunnell Jr.

in Oregon and was returned to his two nephews, Ande & Brian

Flavelle of Caldwell, NJ and Watsonville, CA.



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