2017 Purple Hearts Reunited Annual Report


Marine Corps PFC Jack Carl Kightlinger 1st Marine Division Franklin, Pennsylvania

PFC Kightlinger was killed in action in fighting near South Korea’s Soyang

River. His medal was found in the 1970s by U.S. Army Veteran Staff Sergeant

Kevin Coady, who had been searching for the family ever since. He returned

Jack’s medal to his great-niece, Mrs. Bernadine Ridgeway of Marysville, CA.

Army PFC Andrew Thomas Calhoun 173rd Airborne Division Chesapeake, Virginia

Served as an Infantryman with the 173rd Airborne Division. PFC Calhoun was

wounded in action and later worked as a Chesapeake Police Officer in the

SWAT division. He was unfortunately killed on duty when his aircraft crashed

into a lake. His medals were discovered in Arizona and were returned to his

son, Mr. Chris Calhoun of Chesapeake, VA.

Army PFC Daniel Swift “Fighting 69th” Infantry Regiment New York City, New York

Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant Bernard Eldon Snow 305th Bomber Group Santa Barbara, California Served as a B-17 Ball Turret Gunner with the 305th Bomber Group.

A New York City firefighter and reservist who served as a Combat Medic

with the “Fighting 69th” Infantry Regiment. Following an explosion

His B-17, “Mr. Jones,” was shot down by a German fighter near

impacting the armored Humvee carrying him and several other soldiers,

Hoorn, Holland and he spent the rest of the war in a German

Daniel quickly rushed to save the life of one of his comrades also injured

P.O.W. camp, Stalag 17-B. His medal was discovered in a California

in the incident. He was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple

jewelry shop and was reunited with his daughter, Mrs. Rebecca

PFC Jack Carl Kightlinger

Heart, and was presented with a full set of his medals at the ceremony.

Crofts from Superior, WI.



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