2017 Purple Hearts Reunited Annual Report

Honor Roll

Purple Hearts Reunited is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2012. Our mission is to return lost or stolen military medals of valor to veterans or their families to honor their sacrifice to the nation.

1LT Alexander A. Agase WWII, Chicago, IL

PVT Pete I. Cole WWII, Charleston, WV

1LT Joseph A. Gavagan WWII, NJ

PVT Davis E. Bates WWI, St. Louis, MO

SGT Joseph M. Coulombe Korea, Bethel, ME

CPL Eulis G. Grace Sr. Korea, Kingsport, TN

PFC Epifanio M. Bedolla WWII, Wilcox, AZ

2LT Robert W. Cowart WWII, Lubbock, TX

SGT David D. Gray WWII, Muncie, IN

CMSGT Anthony Biancuzzo Korea/Vietnam, Vienna, VA

PFC Joseph J. Cryan WWI, Reno NV

CPT Bennett H. Grimm WWII, Houston, TX

Who We Are

PVT Henry D. Bischoff WWI, Defiance, OH

A1C Linwood Duncan Korea, Norfolk, VA

CPL Andrew J. Hessig WWI, Winchester, VA

Purple Hearts Reunited is led by our headquarters based in Vermont and supported by three specialty divisions —

Valor Research, Valor Rescue, Valor Guard. These teams are led by dedicated volunteers from across the country

MSG Frederick G. Boelzle WWII, Westfield, NJ

PVT Frank L. Dunnell Jr. WWI, Manhattan, NY

PVT Bennie Hiam WWI, Tacoma, WA

and primarily consist of Veterans, wounded Veterans and Military families. As a team, we work together to honor our

PVT Carl I. Bond WWI, Fremont, OH

PVT Walter W. Eades WWI, Willimantic, CT

PFC William J. Higgins WWII, Dobbs Ferry, NY

nation’s heroes and return Valor across the country.

S1C Elmer M. Briggs Jr. WWII, Bath, ME

SGT Boyd W. Elam Korea, Portage, IN

PVT Walter H. Hiott WWII, Greenfield, IN

PVT Earl P. Broaderick WWII, Burlington, VT

SGT Stephen J. Evancho Korea, Eagle, CO

MAJ Ronald R. Hobaica WWII/Korea/Vietnam Russellville, AR

SGT William J. Brown Vietnam, Camp Pendleton, CA

SSG David L. Evans Iraq

SSG John W. Hobson WWII, Memphis, TN

TSGT Howard R. Brown WWII, Denver, CO

PVT Dan L. Feragen WWII, Manhattan, NY

PFC Alexander S. Hughes WWII, Riverdale, GA

PFC Alfred J. Burton Korea, Haverhill, MA

1LT Brian W. Flavelle WWII, Manhattan, NY

MAJ Maurice Johnson Korea, Fort Worth, TX

CPL Richard S. Byars Vietnam, Pueblo, CO

PVT Abraham F. Foreman Jr. WWI, Hagerstown, MD

F/O David G. Jolly WWII, Lawrence, KS

PFC Andrew T. Calhoun Vietnam, Manhattan, NY

PVT Clayton A. French WWII, Strafford, NH

CPL Phillip J. Jones Desert Storm, Atlanta, GA


S1C Russell R. Clark WWII, Dallas, TX

PFC Derrell O. Fuller WWII, Rogers, AR

Our vision is to return every medal we receive or rescue within the same calendar year by expanding our Valor Guard

SSG Jimmy Kendall Vietnam, Fayetteville, AR

and strengthening our financial sustainability. We hope to unite volunteers in every state to support our research and

CPL Reed F. Clark WWI, Dallas, TX

SGT William F. Gaddy Vietnam, Palmetto, GA

assist with fundraising campaigns across the country.



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