King's Business - 1954-06

A monthly column of names in the news.

Dawson Trotman's world-wide Navi­ gator organization (among other items the Navigators handle the follow-up work for the Billy Graham Evange­ listic crusades} this month was mov­ ing to a new headquarters high in the Colorado Rockies. The new head­ quarters is Glen Eyrie, a large ranch near Colorado Springs. With the closing of their Los Angeles office, an area headquarters for Southern Cali­ fornia will be maintained at 509 Monterey Road, South Pasadena. Merv Rosell, widely traveled Cali­ fornia evangelist, is scheduled to open Youth for Christ International’s 10th annual convention at Winona Lake, Ind. on July 4. In Chicago, the Christian Business Men's Committee has announced the purchase of a new Victory Center in the downtown area. The five-story building cost $250,000 and another $40,000 is being spent on alterations. Ground floor will house Faith Chapel, second floor will be devoted to men and women in the Armed Forces, fourth floor will be used as a meeting place for various Christian organiza­ tions and the two other floors will be leased to Christian groups. Bob Jones University's film depart­ ment is busy grinding out a feature- length color movie based on the life of Barabbas. Some 400 students and professors at the University have been selected to work in the production that is titled, W ine of Morning. The film is scheduled for release early next year. In Los Angeles recently, gospel chorister Phil Kerr put on one of his biggest banquets to date. The affair was staged in the L.A. Breakfast Club and the guest musicians read like a list of who’s who in gospel music. The music started early and contin­ ued uninterrupted for four hours. Billy Graham's London crusade had recorded more, than 20,000 decisions three weeks before the campaign closed and a total attendance of more than 900,000. In the closing weeks Graham was invited to speak at Cam­ bridge University where 300 decisions were recorded among the students.

Above, the result is con­ gregations of firmly es­ tablished new believers like this one in Che Chun , Korea. Left, they hear the

Gospel nightly in great tent campaigns like this. EVENTS


m a y close the d o o r tom o r r ow ! NOW IS THE TIME TO EVANGELIZE JAPAN KOREA FORMOSA INDIA LATIN AMERICA GREECE Through a Trained Native Ministry and Systematic Every-Creature Crusade

X he Oriental Missionary Society’s trained ministry is the only hope for an indigenous church in these fields in the event the doors close against our missionaries tomorrow. For this purpose God has raised up the Oriental Missionary Society Bible Training Seminaries. Help us train natives NOW! Only $10.00 a month will train one of these vital messengers of the cross.

The Oriental Missionary Society also has 16 orphanages, 4 widows homes, 2 leper colonies, 300 churches. 1 Bible school and 4 clinics. Tons of food are sent monthly from this country. Send contributions to: THE ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY 900 North Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles 29, Calif. Missionary Activity in 10 Nations


ÊSîaSS? parallel

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