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Hawaiian Cruise


O ut on the West coast plans are going ahead for the first Bible conference cruise to Hawaii. The tyvo-week cruise is set for next Janu­ ary 12. Transportation going will be by United DC6 with the return on Matson’s Lurline. This combination of air and sea travel allows 10 full days in the Islands where the guests will stay in the world-famed Moana Hotel (left). Three 'Hawaiian churches, Olivet Baptist, University Avenue Baptist and Kawaiahao Congregational, are cooperating in the conference. Each day there will be a morning meeting and an evening meeting with the entire day free for tours or relaxing on the beach at Waikiki. Tour conductor is Dr. James Mar­ tin of the Chevy Chase Baptist Church, Glendale, Calif. Hosts for the tour are three of the Southland’s best-known ministers: Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles; Dr. J. Henry Hutchins, Lake Avenue Congregational, Pasa­ dena and Dr. J. Lester Harnish, Tem­ ple Baptist, Los Angeles. (For more information see inside back cover).

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T h e W a l l a c e - H a m i l t o n T r i o featuring SWISS BELLS An imported set of 50 bells — Played by hand TRIPLE OCTAVE CHIMES A very rare and valuable set of 100 chimes VIBRA-HARP •MARIMBA Musical Glasses — Viking Bells. Many other unusual instruments played by professional artists.

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CONCERTS OF SACRED MUSIC For five years this trio appeared on the concert stage presenting more than 3000 concerts all over the nation. NOW AVAILABLE TO THE CHURCHES FOR SERVICES OF SACRED MUSIC AND TESTIMONY TO GLORIFY CHRIST. Write now for descriptive folder and list of dates for your area. One night concerts or a series of evangelistic services.

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