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and to parents. One PTA leader con­ fessed that her son had not been at­ tending Sunday school, but after a talk with her she said she supposed her son had been missing something, and she said she would get him started right away.” Continuing, Marlatt says, “ Nearly all schools are supposed to be doing something about moral and spiritual values now, and in my school I have had the priv­ ilege of conducting school-wide pro­ grams over a speaking system on moral and spiritual values in every­ day living.” These are only a few of the many testimonies which evangelical Chris­ tians can give concerning their ex­ periences in schools. However, the regrettable fact remains that Christian educators are vastly outnumbered by educators who know nothing of Christ who is able to save from sin. In fact, many schools do not have one Christian on the entire faculty or school staff. What a sad commen­ tary on our evangelical Christians. Professional Benefits The teaching profession does not pay extremely high salaries, yet Christians who look to mission fields are not primarily concerned with financial gain. And yet the educa­ tional profession does offer salaries commensurate with average Ameri­ can standards of living. Although the national average sal­ ary for teachers is approximately $3,605.00 per year, this average is lowered considerably by the meager salaries of a limited number of states. In New York City, the teachers average a little more than $5,000.00, while in Detroit they average $5,- 257.00. In Los Angeles the minimum salary for new teachers without ex­ perience is $3,830.00, and the aver­ age pay for all regular, qualified teachers is $5,248.00. The nation’s highest maximum salaries for regu­ lar teachers is considerably above $7,000.00. Those engaged in special areas of education (administrators, supervisors, school psychologists, etc.) may expect to receive much higher salaries than classroom teachers. Those who prepare for the educa­ tional profession need never worry about opportunity for immediate em­ ployment, or advancement upon qual­ ification. Furthermore, there is un­ usual security stemming from steady employment, stable income, and re­ tirement benefits. In contrast to oth­ er professions, teachers have time for advanced professional study or travel. There are very few professions in which a person can have full profes­ sional status immediately upon grad­ uating from college. But the greatest CONTINUED ►

In th ou sands o f Sunday S ch o o ls across America, teachers using T rue-To-Th e-B ib le

lesson materials report:

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• GREATER STUDENT INTEREST - among both children

and adults

• LARGER RESPONSE —lessons present the gospel and vital Scriptural truths in a clear, arresting fashion • LASTING RESULTS— lessons promote spiritual growth ( Based on International Uniform Sunday School Lessons )




p Quarterlies — Prepared by skilled teachers and Bible scholars, p For juniors, intermediates, seniors, adults, shut-ins, p teachers, young people’s societies, p Sunday School Papers — Attractive story papers chil- | dren will take home and read. For seniors; juniors and p intermediates; primaries. p Manual of Visual Teaching — Beautifully colored | flannelboard lessons — require no mounting. Excellent p teacher’s manual. For beginners and primaries, p Pupil Activity Handwork — For use with Manual of p Visual Teaching. Pictures to color and verses to learn. | I CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS, INC. 1507 North Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa

Marion Coliege doors are open to youth who desire educational opportunity in a strictly Christian environment. Intra-mural athletics, no fra­ ternities or sororities. Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Teacher Education, Theological Training, Pre-professional courses. Opportunities for self help. A catalogue on request.

Wr . F. McConn President BROOKS BIBLE WORK BOOKS By DR. KEITH L. BROOKS Use Question-and-Answer Method to Uncover Spiritual Riches This amazing series of 23 titles covers the important parts of God’s word and yields up the pure gold of its teaching equally for simple converts or scholarly minds. Searching questions are answered with Bible references to be looked up and written down. Try this simple direct method and discover the blessing possible from even a few minutes a day. BEGIN NOW TO KNOW THE BIBLE BETTER

M AR ION COLLEGE Marion, Indiana

Doctrinal Studies........... 504 Prophetic Research.........654 Gospel of Matthew.........654 X-Ray of Romans........... 504

Junior Bible "Work Book 254 Heart or John’s G ospel. . 254 ChristianCharacterCourse 254 Bible Principles ot Prayer 304

Order today from your book store or direct. Write for Free Book Bul­ letin and sample copy of the monthly magazine Prophecy Monthly . AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE. Inc., P.O. Box 41198, Los Angeles 41, Col. 31

JUNE 1954

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