King's Business - 1954-06

N A R R AM O R E continued advantage of the educational profes­ sion is the personal satisfaction in guiding and influencing the, develop­ ment of youth. The Challenge to Christians In the United States today, there are nearly 26 million students in ele­ mentary and high schools. In addi­ tion, there are thousands upon: thou- sands of college students. Th^e; njil- lions all have mind^hnd souls. They all believe something. What they believe is what they are taught. Their faith in God and in Christ will depend largely upon the faith of their instructors. In recent years some Christians have become disturbed about the pub­ lic schools, but their action has been limited mostly to grumbling, and to the giving of condemning speeches. Some ministers who have protested the loudest have done the least to persuade intelligent Christian youth to enter the educational profession. Parents have talked, but they have not encouraged their sons and daugh­ ters to become teachers or adminis­ trators in the great public school mis­ sion field. Youth leaders have talked against the public schools but many of them don’t know how to counsel intelligently with high school gradu­ ates about the educational profession. It might be said that the condition of our schools must rest squarely upon our own shoulders. If.we have not flooded our schools with Chris­ tian teachers, then whom ' can we blame? * America is begging for more edu­ cators to train the minds and lives of millions of young people. Who will teach our children? Who will answer the call? Many Christians can be missionaries. The field may not be Europe^ ¡Africa, Asia, China, or South America, but it may be among the millions in the public schools where Christian educators are desperately needed. Little wonder then, that some of us have sought to serve in the great­ est mission field., and have found that for us, it is- the American public school. END.

9 chcM DALLAS because of Its Spiritual empkaAti The emphasis upon the spiritual life has led many students each year to choose Dallas for their Seminary training. They noticed this emphasis in the application form, in their corre­ spondence with the Registrar, in the catalog listing of the course in Spiritual Life. It permeates the Seminary life in class, in Chapel — everywhere. APPROVED FOR VETERAN TRAIN- ING. For free literature, catalog write to The Registrar: fcaitaJ THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 3909 Swiss Ave. DALLAS, TEXAS — BROWS— "Training Youth to Live Since 1919” John Brown University Siloam Springs, Arkansas Education for "Head, Heart and Hand" Also, Academy Division: 10th, 11th, 12th grades Brown Military Academy San Diego 9, California Junior High — Senior High — Junior College Junior School— 1st thru 6th grades Southern California Military Academy . Long Beach 6, California Pre-Kindergarten thru 9th grade Brown School For Girls Glendora, California 1st Grade thru High School WRITE INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION


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TRAINING LEADERS IN A New Testament Theology A Christ-centered Message A Church-centered Ministry Founded in 1932 386 students in day classes Competent Faculty Approved by the Regents of N. Y. Cooperating with the GARBC. Paul R. Jackson, D.D., Pres. John R. Dunkin, Th.D., Dean Write for additional information


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