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By Donald G. Davis, Ph.D., Prof, of Church History, Talbot Theological Seminary


All recommended books may be obtained from the Biolo Book Room, 560 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, Calif.

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The Cast H ou r By E. L. Langston

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Taking the sentence from 1 John 2:18, “Little children, it is the LAST” hour, the author has prepared ten chapters dealing with various aspects of the closing of the present dispen­ sation and its effect upon the Jews, world politics, and believers, as well as the part played by the anti-christ in those prophetic scenes. The writer stresses the hope of the Church, its being caught up to be with the Lord before the beginning of the seventieth week of Daniel. 102 pages; cloth; Henry E. Walker, Ltd., London, Eng­ land; 6 shillings— obtainable at Biola Book Room. The Christian and H is B ib le By Douglas Johnson This little book not only discusses the writing of the Bible books and the steps in the completion of the canon of the Old and New Testa­ ments, but it deals with the inspira­ tion and reliability of the records. Thoroughly abreast of the latest con­ servative literature on the subject, the author answers difficulties from mod­ em scholarship and science and diffi­ culties in both the Old and New Testaments. This is a good book to put into the hands of college-age young people who are facing disturb­ ing problems concerning God’s Word for the first time. 144 pages; cloth; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Com­ pany, Grand Rapids, Mich.; $2.00. T e en -A g e E tiqu ette By Grace Ramquist While teen-agers especially will find this book interesting and help­ ful all ages may profit from it. It should not be opened unless a willing heart is prepared to make some changes in habits. A wide range of subjects is amply covered with wis­ dom and wit. Anent the habit of chewing gum: “ Chewing gum in pub­ lic is bad! . . . Sometimes teen-agers think they do not make any noise as they chew, but I believe they are in the same category as people who think they do not have unpleasant body odors, so take no precautions against them. Chewing gum and body odors are noticed by everyone except the offenders themselves!” 85 pages; paper; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich.; $1.00.

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(/ up of ^e ilevSH^ 'i^^ 'i^£. "w: '•' You will be able to jupge the excellence of their expository notes and illustrative material by reading a free set of Quarterlies and papers. Write today to: dept , k A M ER I CAN S UN DA Y - S C HO O L U N I ON , 1.816 Chestnut 'Street, Philadelphia 3, Pa.


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