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B idd en W isd om 1 Corinthians 2

What it is not, w . 1-6.

GLENN O'NEAL, M.A., Instructor, Dept, of Speech, Biota Bible College

a. It is not man’s wisdom, v. 4. b. It is not the wisdom of this world, v. 6. What it is, w . 7-9. a. It is the wisdom of God, v. 7. b. It is the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world un­ to our glory, c. It is the wisdom which none of the princes of this world knew or evidenced by their crucifying the source of wisdom, Christ, v. 8 (cp. T Cor. 1:30).. d. It is that which is unattainable by man’s methods of attaining knowl­ edge, v. 9. 1. The senses, 2. The reasoning ability (intellect). How it may be attained. a. By revelation of the Spirit of God, w . 10-13. Who may attain unto it. a. Not the natural (unregenerate) man, v. 14. 1. They (the things of the Spirit) are foolishness to him, 2. Because they are spiritually dis­ cerned. b. The spiritual man, w . 15, 16. 1. He is able to judge all things. 2. He has the mind of Christ. R. B.

(Note: The editor would be glad to receive outlines which you feel would b e ,o f help to our readers.) Tongues in the E a r ly Church 1 Corinthians 14 The practice of speaking in tongues in the early church had: A definite inferiority to prophecy, w . 1 - 11 . a. Because it talked objective edifica­ tion, w . 4, 5. b. Because it appeared as insanity without a knowledge of the mean­ ing, v. 11: A definite purpose, w . 12-22. a. Of edification of the church through its proper use, w . 12, 13. b. Of being a sign to the unregener­ ate, v. 22. A definite set of rules, w . 23-40. Namely: a. An orderly manifestation with a numerical limit, v. 27a. b. The necessary presence of one in­ terpreter, v. 27b. c. Maintaining silence without an in­ terpreter, v. 28. D. L. E.

Our T estim on y 1 Corinthians 8 The three things to consider as we think of our testimony before others are: Our knowledge, v. 1. Our liberty, v. 9. a. It can make others to stumble, v. 9. b. It can make us sin against Christ, v. 12. Our love, v. 1. a. It edifies us, v. 1. b. It gives the proper emphasis to knowledge and liberty, v. 13. B. J. P. A P e r fe c t Church 1 Thess. 1:1-10 A cause for giving thanks, w . 1-4: a. Their work of faith. b. Their labor of love. c. Their patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. A fruitbearing church, w . 5-7: a. They became followers. b. They received the Word. c. They were examples to all. A missionary-minded church, w . 8-10: a. They sounded out the Word. b. They spread abroad their faith to God. c. They themselves showed the out­ come of the Apostles’ work. R. K. a. It puffs us up, v. 1. b. It deceives us, v. 2.




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