King's Business - 1954-06

Dr. Clyde M. Narramore, graduate of Columbia University, New York City, is a psychologist and Consultant in Research and Guidance with one of the largest school systems in America.

Clyde M. Narramore, Ed.D.

that the best adjusted group of peo­ ple in the world are those who have surrendered their lives to Christ, who have asked forgiveness of their sins, and who have invited the Holy Spirit into their lives. In fact, one of the great promises to believers is peace. I have surely found that to be true. It is the testimony of thousands of true believers that they knew nothing of real peace until they were born again. The second part of your letter con­ cerns the importance of intelligence. You have graciously paid me a splen­ did compliment regarding intelli­ gence. I only wish I deserved it. I must admit that I do not! » One of the most striking evidences for the truth of Christianity, to me, is the amazing fact that being a true believer depends not at all upon intelligence. There are fine Chris­ tians in all walks of life, and all levels of intelligence. This rings true to me because I don’t see how God could love only the intelligent! God is no respector of persons. Rich, poor, genius, average— all are equal­ ly the objects of His love. I would like to answer both the questions of being forced to break away and the question of intelligence with the words of Christ. He is the Good Shepherd, who keeps His sheep safely, and He says, “My sheep hear mv voice, and I know them, and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” This is re­ corded in the 10th chapter of John. Sheep are not only stupid, but the least able to defend themselves. I think you will find as you read through the New Testament that the Christian does not keep himself by his own moral strength or intelli­ gence, but it is God who keeps him safe. In the third part of your letter you say that you want to belieye in Christ. How happy this makes me! If you want to, it is just as simple as that. I always love the promise of Christ, “ Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” Jesus Christ is a Person, just as much alive

today as He always was. I have found that the historical evidence for His return from death is absolute­ ly sound. I think I might go right along with you in hesitating to commit my life to Christianity if that’s all there were, nothing more than a philoso­ phy or a way of life. Then .I, too, would be the subject of mental an­ guish which you have observed. I, too, would not be able to live the life, and to “hold out.” But, when it comes to committing my life to a living Person who loves me so much that He paid for all my mistakes and my sins with His own life, then that’s very different! I have been saved for a number of years now, and Christ means everything to me. He’s my closest friend. He gives balance and meaning to life. He gives wisdom. He stills my heart and soul. He enables me to do the im­ possible. After you have read the book of John several times, and you have trusted in this matchless Sav­ iour, I know He’ll be just as real to you! G ifted Children Not long ago I heard a school psy­ chologist give a lecture, and several times he mentioned “gifted” children. In the field of psychology, is there a special meaning for “ gifted” ? Children who possess one or more special talents or abilities of a high order, such as music, painting, and mathematics are sometimes referred to as being gifted. I imagine, however, that the school psychologist you heard was referring to children who are intellectually gifted. Naturally, there is a great deal of difference in individual intelligence. Although most of us are average, with intelligence quotients of approximate­ ly 100, some people possess a very high degree of intellectual bright­ ness. Those whose IQ’s are 140 and above are usually referred to as “ gifted.” Readers are invited to submit questions which will 'be answered in future issues. Address questions to Dr. Clyde M. Narramore, King's Business, 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California.— ED.

F o r the Christian, M en ta l Anguish “ The thing that makes me so skep­ tical about the reality of Christianity is the fact that so few Christians to­ day have firm enough convictions about the Bible and Christ to stand up for the faith in stress situations. Evangelicals would say this is the work of Satan, but I have other con­ victions on this matter. I believe that most people find the Christian walk so filled with mental conflicts ; and frustrations due to so­ cial pressure that eventually they are forced to break away from the church. Christianity undoubtedly is real to you. Being a graduate of Columbia and possessing a doctor’s degree in­ dicate that you are exceptionally high Jn intelligence. You were able to make adjustments to the demands of Christianity because of this. But how can you be certain that it is for oth­ ers who didn’t have the same intelli­ gence or set of circumstances under which you were raised? I want to believe in Christ but I have seen the mental anguish it has caused many to have. Thus I hesi­ tate in committing my life over to Christianity. I hope you’ll consider my questions because I am seeking the truth.” I appreciate the fact that you are seeking the truth, and I know that the promise made by Christ, “ Seek, and ye shall find,” is absolutely re­ liable. Your letter seems to divide itself into three parts which I shall try to answer in order. First, concerning your observation that most people find the Christian walk so frustrating due to social pressure that eventually they are forced to break away from the church. I think your observation is a valid one. However, if we could know the hearts of each case, I am sure that we would find that some people who call themselves Chris­ tians are really that i n ' name only. We have manv people who attend church but who have1never been saved. In other words, they profess but they do not possess. As a psychologist, I have found



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