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medicine Can be your passport to more effective service on the foreign field Today more and more doors are open to missionaries who have ac­ credited training in nursing' and dentistry. The B io l a School of Missionary Medicine is the only school in America equipped, staffed and accredited to give short-term training in these vital fields.


Hospital training (here L.A. Shriner's)

All photos of BIOLA School of Missionary Medicine students.

Check these facts / Vocational Nursing Program Accredited by California State Board of V o­ cational Nursing LVN degree. 1 year of training. State Board examination. 1000 hours hospital training (Angelus, Hollywood Presbyterian, Shriner's). 700 hours classroom and lab. Medical doctors and registered nurses instruct all classes and lab work v Missionary Dental Program Approved by State of California Board of Dental Examiners, Department of Vocational and Professional Standards Offered in one semester. Practical training in missionary dentistry. Doctors of Dental Science in­ struct all classes and lab work.

Classroom demonstration

Dispensary and laboratory science

^ Dispensary and Laboratory Science Gives training in laboratory analysis and clinical practice.

Missionary dental program

Marjorie Trulin '48, Chiapas, Mexico

BiolaSchoolofMissionaryMedicine a school of The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, inc. 558 So. Hope Sf., Los Angeles 17, Calif.

Tuition free. Offered to gradu­ ates of colleges or Bible schools. Write today for free catalog.



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