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4. What obligation to the government is the Christian to observe according to Rom. 13:6, 7? 5. Note our Lord’s teaching along this same line (Mark 12:13-17). 6. Every American, especially, should uphold and support his government be­ cause we, here in America, are the most fortunate people in the world. W hy, do you think you are privileged to be an American? Write down the suggestions given by the members of your society. 7. There are a number of enemies of our American way of life and of our government. List some of these as they are suggested by your group. 8. Among these enemies is certainly to be listed Communism. What is Commu­ nism? Ask for definitions from the floor. Remember that Communism is a hitter fqe of all religion including the Christian faith. Communism does not believe in the existence of God. Thus the Bible rules out Communism as an acceptable theory. See Psalm 33:12; Prov. 14:34; Heb. 11:6. 9. Another foe is the politically-minded Roman Catholic Church. Have your group read Paul Blanshard’s book entitled Amer­ ican Freedom and Catholic Power. Per­ haps your group could purchase this book and then pass it around so that all have a •chance to read it. Let us remember that every American has a right to be a Roman Catholic if he chooses to be; but no American ought to be a member of a religious group that would rob Americans of their freedoms if they came to power. Remember what is hap­ pening in Spain, Portugal, South Ameri­ ca and other Catholic-dominated countries today! 10. Yet another foe is the ever-present traitor. Possibly never in the history of any nation have there been so many traitors numbered among the employees of the nation as here in the United States. Americans are a peace-loving and trust­ ing people. We did not dream that ene­ my nations could hire our own people to betray us. But it has happened! We think of Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, Har­ ry Dexter White, and many others. Now even Dr. Oppenheimer of the Atomic En­ ergy Commission and other top American scientists are under suspicion! 11. Another enemy of America is that group affiliated with the United Nations Organization who want to supersede our Constitution with a World Government Constitution. Ask your pastor for infor­ mation on the UNESCO, or get informa­ tion from your public library. 12. The Bihfe gives us light on the future. What does it tell us about the development of world government and world religion in the last days? Study 1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; 4:1-4; Rev. 13. 13. These things indicate that our Lord’s return is near. Are you ready to meet Him? How can we be ready?

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Helps for Christian Endeavor and Other Young People's Groups By Chester J. Padgett, D.D. Associate Professor of Bible Biola Bible College Freedom in Christian Citizenship 2 Cor. 3:17; 4:11 DAILY READINGS June 28 — The Blessed Nation — Psalm 33:10-22 June 29 — God's Law In the Heart — Je r/ 31:31-34 June 30 — Christian Democracy — Matt. 23:8-12 July 1 — Subject to Authority — Titus 3 :1 , 2 July 2 — Free, yet Servants — 1 Peter 2:13-17 July 3 — A !! Power is of God -— Romans 13:1-5 HEART OF THE LESSON This is perhaps the most important Fourth of July in thé history of our na.- tion. Tremendous forces are at work to change our Constitution and to rob us of our freedoms. Every Christian and every loyal American should know about these forces and should oppose them. Es­ pecially vicious is the view held by some, and even by top men in our government, that we should favor and promote a world Constitution that would have pre­ cedence over our American Constitution. When and if this movement is successful every American loses his American heri­ tage and the freedoms guaranteed to him in our Constitution. Let us pray and work that America may be kept strong and independent. STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Should the Christian be a good citi­ zen of his country? See Rom. 13:1-7. 2. Who is the originator of human gov­ ernment according to Rom. 13:1? 3. What is the function of good gov­ ernment according to Rom. 13:3, 4?

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