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Homer A. Kent, Th.D., Allison Arrowood (children) Lesson material is based upon outlines of the International Sunday School lessons copyrighted by» the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. •

Mark Twain Said It M ark Twain was not a saint but he was gifted with a lot of wisdom. When the Bible was under discussion one day, Mark Twain’s friend wasJdisposed to brush the Good Book entirely out of his life with thè remark, “It’s too hard to understand.” To which Twain came back like a :finish, “ It isn’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t under­ stand that bother me; it ¡is .the part that I do understand.’’ How right the great humorist-philosopher was. The above paragraph is from a new set of 4x6 cards that contains hundreds of outstanding quotes. Most of the really successful writers, Sun­ day school teachers and pastors have spent years collecting quotes to en­ rich their writings and lessons. A re­ tired high school teacher now living in Southern California has. sifted through his life’s collection of sayings and has had them published. There are 100 4x6 cards in the set. More than 150 authors are represented. The cards, averaging 200 words each, contain 25 poetic writings, 75 writ­ ings in prose, of which 21 are sym­ posia. The collector and publisher is Mr. Leo J. Muir. These, handy, alphabe­ tized cards, can be a definite help to , pastors, writers, Sunday school teachers. The complete set sells for $5, which figures out to a low 5 cents per card. Mr. Muir pays the postage and they are shipped in a well-constructed cardboard box. Write for free sample. Leo J. Muir, 1814-A South New England Street, Los An­ geles 6, Calif. ßifötem ß lU e ßtu clbj. 'A Biblical Library in ONE Volume!* Used and endorsed ENTHUSIASTICALLY by I Bible scholars, pastors, evangelists, teachers, lay- I men and students generally. Non-denominational | --------- and unbiased. f20g Nichols Rd ► SYSTEM BIBLE CO.jKansas City12, Mo.l Alsopublishersof"The Bible inMyEveryday Life*

modestly and with so much wisdom that they were amazed. When Joseph and Mary found Him in the temple He ut­ tered words that reveal that He knew exactly ' who was His Father and what was His responsibility, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” He was from heaven and had a heavenly calling to perform. Jesus in the Home vv. 51, 52 This wonderful passage presents Jesus as an ideal son in the home. He was subject to His parents. He was in right relationship with both God and man. Helps for the Children How Jesus Grew Luke 2:40-52 Memory Verse: "And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wis­ dom: and the grace of God was upon him" Luke 2:40. Boys and girls sometimes fail to realize that the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, was a child with the same temptations and the same joys and sorrows and prob­ lems that enter into their lives today. He was not only a guide and an example, as well as a Saviour, for adults—He in His youth was a guide and an example for children of all ages. When God’s Son was twelve years of age, He went with Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem for their yearly visit to the temple. After the feast at thé temple had been completed, Mary and Joseph returned to their home. For one day they traveled, supposing that the boy Jesus was somewhere in the crowd. When they could not find Him, they returned to Jerusalem. After three days of .frantic searching they found the Lord Jesus in the temple listening to the wise teachers and asking questions of them. Mary and Joseph were surprised when they found Jesus, and He was surprised that they had worried about Him. He reminded them that already He was doing His Father’s business. Jesus might have re­ fused to obey Mary and Joseph, or He might have pouted and been unkind to them. God’s Word tells' us that He was an example of how God desires boys and girls to honor their parents, for, “He went down with them and came to Naz­ areth, and was subject unto them [obeyed them].” Can others as they speak of you say, “He [or she] increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God arid man” ? Some Christian boys and girls refuse to show their parents and their playmates and their neighbors how the Lord Jesus would have them act and speak. Those Christians who truly grow in favor with others will grow in favor with God. THE KING'S BUSINESS

July 4, 1954 Jesus, Our Example Luke 2:40-52 Pointers on the Lesson This new series of lessons beginning this week has for its title, Growth in Christian Living. The master idea in con­ nection with the series is that every Christian is expected to grow in grace. God has provided the means for this growth. Thus it is normal for the Chris­ tian to grow. If he does not grow it is because use is not made of the available means. One of the means of growth is the nexample of Jesus. Christ came to be man’s Saviour. But He also is his ex­ ample. He is the pattern after which the Christian’s life should be moulded. This first lesson deals with the example of Christ’s youthful years. The Growth of Jesus v. 40 We have presented here the perfectly normal growth of the Child Jesus. Not much is told us concerning this growth, but we have all that is necessary. How the human and the divine dwelt together in this Child during these growing years is beyond our full understanding. What is stated in this verse regarding Jesus ought also to be true of every growing child and may be. It will appear in a. lesser degree in the latter but strength and wisdom and the grace of God are available for every growing child and for every Christian. Jesus at the Passover vv. 41-45 As was customary Jesus’ parents went yearly to Jerusalem for the feast of Pass- over (v. 41). It was an occasion of spe­ cial importance as they went to the Pass- over when Jesus became 12 years of age. At this age Jewish boys became sons of the law. Upon completion of the Pass- over occasion Joseph and’ Mary started their way back to Nazareth “ supposing him [Jesus] to have been in the com­ pany.” How often folks take for granted that Jesus is in the company, when in reality He is not in any vital way. It is easy to possess an outward form of religion and not really to enjoy the pres­ ence of Christ. Is He in your company in a vital way? Don’t go on supposing; make sure. Jesus in the Temple vv. 46-50 In this scene, as in all others, Jesus becomes a splendid example for young people. Before the doctors in the temple, He in no wise manifests impertinence or discourtesy. He listened to them and asked questions of them. They in turn asked questions of Him. He answered

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