King's Business - 1954-06

BOB JONES UNIVERSITY STANDS WITHOUT APOLOGY FOR THE OLD-TIME RELIGION AND THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE Bob Jones University is sound in doctrine, aggressive in its defense of the Holy Scriptures, and vigorous in combating atheistic, agnostic, pagan, and so-called scientific adulteration of the Word of God. "THE WORLD'S MOST UNUSUAL UNIVERSITY" FEELS, HOWEVER, THAT INTELLECTUAL ORTHODOXY IS OF LITTLE VALUE WITHOUT A BURNING HEART Bob Jones University is evangelistic in its emphasis. Bob Jones University trained and inspired men and women are passionate and fervent witnesses for Christ seeking to win souls around the world. School o f Education (B.S. degree) School o f Business (B.S. degree) MUSIC, SPEECH, AND A R T A T NO EXTRA COST ABOVE REGULAR ACADEM IC TUITION ACADEMY AND SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES IN CONNECTION BOB JONES UNIVERSITY GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA College o f Arts and Science (B .A . and B.S. degrees) School o f Religion (B .A ., B.D., M .A ., and Ph.D. degrees) School o f Fine Arts (B.A., B.S ., M .A., and M .F .A / degrees)

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