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WHAT IS A PRESBYTERIAN? Sirs: Your answer to Dr. Bonnell’s arti­ cle in Look magazine is timely and necessary. Cyrus M. Nelson Glendale, Calif. President, Gospel Light Press Sirs: I have read with interest your arti­ cle and think there is a good deal of merit to your contention that Dr. Bonnell may not be properly repre­ senting the denomination he appeared to be speaking for in the Look article. However, I do raise a question or two. I think you are not in harmony either with the Reformed Faith or with Paul when you insist on the physical body if you insist upon that being the actual physical body mole­ cule for molecule of the earthly body which is laid in the grave. I think we owe it to readers to be careful in our language, particularly when we get to challenging other people’s or­ thodoxy. You have impugned the orthodoxy of Bonnell without being explicit yourself. If we are not liter- alists—and Jesus plainly condemns and repudiates literalists—you run in­ to no such roadblocks as you invite. Crescent City, Calif. Don M. Chase CAN 'T AFFORD NOT TO Sirs: Can’t afford to subscribe but can’t afford not to. Mt. Vernon, Wash. Mrs. W. R. Robbins IN OUR HOME Sirs: The K in g ’ s B usiness holds a very important place in our home and hearts. We have found so much help to our hungry souls in the truly inspired articles. Sacramento, Calif. Mrs. John Bieth FINDS CHRIST Sirs: My neighbor just recently intro­ duced me to the magazine and now that I have accepted Christ in my life I am anxious to have it in my home. Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Anne C. Phillips SUDSY CURE Sirs: Please explain about the “ Ameri­ can-made washing powder detergent cure” (How Our Missionaries Live in M exico, February). This happens to be one of our big problems here also. Karuizawa, Japan Mary Reid Gospel Recordings staffer Lloyd Ol­ son told us that an enema of one rounded tablespoon of'Tide to a quart of warm water proved helpful in the treatment of amoebic dysentery. — -ED.

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JUNE 1954

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