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A B ib le -C en tered Education fl^he course of study at The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc., is I designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the Word of God plus thorough foundation training in representative collegiate subjects in the liberal arts field. Regardless of what a young person plans to do as a vocation, an adequate knowledge of the Word of God will be of inestimable value. The complete training offered at The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc., is extremely valuable to any Christian young person. The Bible Institute is expanding its facilities to accommodate even more young people than heretofore. Information concerning the school, its curriculum and other pertinent data will be gladly furnished to anyone who is interested. Four distinct schools make up the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc., the two-year Bible Institute course; the four-year B io l a Bible College, with several different majors; the one-year post-graduate School of Mis­ sionary Medicine; and the three-year post-graduate Talbot Theological Seminary. In the B io l a Bible College, students may take training toward any kind of full-time Christian work. The Education course provides training leading to the granting of California State Elementary Teaching Creden­ tials. Those who desire a thorough grounding in the Word of God, plus the teaching credentials, should inquire concerning this particular course of study. For all information concerning training offered at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc., write to the Office of the Registrar. M od e rn -D ay B e traya l P robably a new low was recently reached in the modernistic effort to destroy the plain truths of the Word of God, when there appeared in one of the local metropolitan newspapers a sermon resume by a prominent clergyman, high in Los Angeles Church Federation circles. The •clergyman presented his estimate of the betrayal of our Lord by Judas Iscariot, by stating, “ Judas had witnessed marvelous demon­ strations of Jesus’ power; he felt in Christ was all they needed for a great leader, that if He were put on the spot, He would show His hand and then, through necessity, call on His amazing powers to free and re­ establish the Israelites.” This satanic hypothesis has been presented from time to time throughout the history of the church. But it is so completely disproven by the very statements of Scripture that it becomes somewhat amazing to think that a so-called professing Christian minister would dare to suggest it as a possible explanation of Judas’ hellish betrayal of our blessed Lord. Without attempting to minimize the awfulness of the betrayal by Judas, we would do well to remind ourselves that there are other ways, in this day, of betraying the Lord of Glory. A man who stands in a pulpit which has been dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel and the eternal truths which are found in the Word of God, and who is ordained to the high calling of presenting Jesus Christ to a world lost in darkness and sin, and who spends sacred moments trying to defend Judas Iscariot, as well as denying the great truths surrounding our Lord’s person and work, is as guilty of modern-day betrayal of our Lord as was Judas himself.


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