King's Business - 1954-06

For a 2-week Bible Conference Cruise

OrJjWin One of these 24 Other Valuable Prizes for Your Church 1st prize is a free trip to Hawaii for pastor of winning church. Two full weeks next January when a vaca­ tion to sunny Hawaii is most appreci­ ated. Your pastor will not only enjoy a much needed rest but he will be part of a thrilling Bible conference (see ad inside back cover). 2nd prize is the same wonderful two-week Ha­ waii trip, one-half paid. 3rd to 5th prizes: free tuition for one full year ($225) at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles for a young person from your church. 6th to 8th prizes: Pen- tron Tape Recorders ($188.50 each). These are the tape recorders so val­ ued by business-men and ministers. 9th to 11th prizes: Smith-Corona port­ able typewriters ($103.55 each). 12th and 13th prizes: Viewlex 35 mm. slide projectors ($96.55 each). 14th and 15th prizes: Radiant Champion 70 x 70 glass beaded projection screens ($46.95 each). 16th to 25th prizes: Exotic bouquets of flowers flown in from Hawaii for your church sanc­ tuary. (If winners are not on direct air route domestic flowers may be substituted).

T his is a"magazine subscription contest with a two-fold purpose: 1) For your help and faithfulness you may make it possible for your church to get needed equipment or even send your pastor on a deserved vaca­ tion in the middle of next winter—or send a deserving young person to Bible school. 2) By furthering the Christian magazine ministry you will be having a definite part in this evangelical work for our Saviour. People are being saved while reading K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s . Others are being helped. Isn’t that the kind of ministry you can whole-heartedly support? We believe we can count on you to help us get the magazine into more homes. For complete details write to: Contest Editor, K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s magazine, 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles 17.

Sponsored by Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. and the King's Business Magazine 558 South Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif.


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