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dec 2008

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highlights of this issue - Prashant Goyal highlights the emotional aspect of a leader. - AvinashMurkute lists down the essential components of a proposal. - Niket Karajagi underlines the importanceofQuality -AnEssential Focus for WorldClassCompanies .

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I Atyaasaa- Knowledgebeans before a broader online audience, as it is now available on the Atyaasaa website. I hope the quality of its writing, the depth and thoughtfulness of its insightswill inspiremany of our readers to join. This issue brings forth how Quality is an essential focus for World Class Companies. A technocrat’s view of how an individual can lead an organization to success, and how imperative it is to be technically sound and be able to present your thoughts in line with the financial aspects in the form of a proposal. A few components of an effective proposal would be published in the next issue. am pleased to bring

Prashant Goyal

BE (Hons), Chemical from BITS Pilani and PGDM from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore,with specialization in finance, Prashant Goyal is the Chief OperatingOfficer at ForumSynergies,a successful business leader,with the responsibility of setting up and investing froma USD 250 Million Private Equity Fund.

LEADERSHIP - HUMAN ASPECTS During the initial years of corporate life, the one place that appeals the most to most of us is the Corner Room, so do all the jokes around the corner. Getting there is fun, but staying requires perseverance. In my journey as a professional I have learnt a number of lessons that have helped me evolve (hopefully) as an individual and a leader. My approach to successfully nurturing, growing, and sustaining businesses and organisations has been a fairly simple one. It makes me happy to share some of those here. The connection is with the ‘Human’ and it is not often that this side of the story gets explored. Lead by example : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It will give you the conviction Listen! Listen! Listen! : An organisation would run on its own if you keep the machinery well oiled, your ears ready to pick the smallest of the creak or groan; oil it right back Synthesize : It is never either/ or when it comes to customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders. It is always all Be in touch with your heart : It is very important to keep the communication going with your heart. It will provide you the right direction when you need it the most Empathize : We are dealing with people and not machines

Neha Arora is a young, pro-active, and energetic individual, with a passion for Human Resource Management & Training. She comes with a clear Neha Arora Editor Atyaasaa-KnowledgeBeans editor@atyaasaa.com

focusonmanagingHRinterventionsasacareer.She has worked onmultiple key projects in training and consulting areas over a period of time inAtyaasaa.

Network : Gets you around quickly. Also, allows yourself to retain your sanity. It sure gets lonely at the top Never lose touch with common sense

Finally, if you stop enjoying, do not drag, take a plunge into something new that allows you to experiment and puts you back on the journey once again. As they say it is the journey that is more important than the destination.

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Proposal is a blueprint of what will be done , the approach to be adopted, the methodology of execution, commercial aspects, timing and reporting, and so on. It stands for commitment and has both legal and professional commitments. Proposal is a sales document. “Drop everything and get me proposal to develop CRM solution for XYZ organization within three working days”. You hear such orders and are about to buckle up suddenly. And probably, the question

Avinash Murkute

the art and science of proposal writing AvinashMurkute,isaneffectivemanagerwithmorethan13yearsof experience in Advertising, Back Office, Branding, Business Development,ClientRelationsandContentDevelopment.

Proposal by definition means an act of putting forward or stating something for consideration. It could be a suggestion or business offer.

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