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you resist to ask, ‘Excuse me, but what should I write in proposal?’ But we are used to ‘Yes Boss’. Everything that fits like a glove is not a proposal. It is always prudent to ask few questions, before you start writing a proposal. - Who is the client? - What is the assignment? - Who is the buyer? - What is the competitive situation? - Do we have competency? - Is there any brief from client? - Are there any conflicts or legal issues? - What is the deadline? Templates and CAP (Cut and Paste) technology are widely used in proposal making. Does it make the job easy? There are no half-measures in proposal making. Due to over confidence, contents within templates are scarcely checked for accuracy and appropriateness, and errors often creep in. Each proposal should have separate cover letter. Lack of covering letter demonstrates lack of seriousness and professionalism. Each organization has its unique style in making proposals.The factors involved in this style or document layout are use of graphics, paper to be used, use of colours, logos, company

information, page numbering style, fonts and their sizes, language, spacing, style of headings, confidentiality marks, version history, etc. Remember, this style is often a branding quotient.

The common components or ingredients of proposal are as under.

Executive summary : A well written executive summary helps decision making process positively. The entire proposal document needs to be reduced to the bare essentials that a senior reader will find most relevant Introduction : Why was this proposal developed? This component describes the genesis of the document About the client : Have you understood the clients business? It is very important for you to study the client. Most of the information is available on client’s website but a smart manager will go beyond such easy means to find out key information which is not in public domain About us : This is a branding quotient. You should include genesis of your organization, objectives it has achieved, what you offer, and partial list client or few testimonials as per your company policy

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Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes

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Quality is a value understood by all but practiced by few.It is the key factor the customer now looks for.It would not be an exaggeration to mention that if World Class Companies have been able to create their image and sustain it in the market it is for this focus on the value called Quality.

There are various models and techniques taught and practiced on this subject. However it is not surprising that it is also the most compromised value in today’s life.There can bemany reasons for this compromise; pricing pressures, delivery pressures, process issues, attitude & choice of wrong outsourced options and vendors. It is however my experience as a consultant that a lot of people do not have Quality as value in their own system. I have always believed it is time now that performance management systems do an evaluation of the individual on Quality being practiced too. Quality needs to be assessed on quantitative factors associated with it. Leaders must practice Quality and there should be no exception. Speed of work and Quality adherence is a tight rope to walk but have to be walked. There are surely ways to deal with Quality compromises. One of the methods is to promote Quality culture and allow only those individuals to grow to important positions who practice Quality. Managers who deliver performance but do not adhere to quality norms must not be given key positions. This is a painful option but in the long term it surely pays. Create visual symbols & one page reports that bring out quality issues. Continuously identify where & how the Quality compromise happens and make people accountable for it. There also has to be a push on Quality focus during process & product innovations. Innovation and Quality have to go hand in hand.

Quality is a value that surely creates a loyal customer.So do look at your culture,people and processes and identify the norms that would bring quality to evolve as the most important value in your organization.

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