Norway - Road Trip! - 2018

We walked about enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and clean setting. We searched out the baroque church from 1647. It is the same church from that date though it was menaced by a huge fire in 1861 which destroyed most of the city except 80 homes (out of 200+) and this church. The townspeople refused to lose their house of worship and gathered together and worked to save it. The miracle is that the church was a wooden structure! It did not look at all baroque from the outside, but we were lucky enough to gain entrance and could see some touches that suggest the opulence of baroque architecture: the ornate pulpit, paintings and tapestries, a huge chandelier, intricate wood carvings on pews and railings. It now has an organ which would not have been present in 1647. Then we drove on toward Lingyor and when we arrived at the ferry station we saw that we had just missed the 12:20 sailing and found that the next one was at 2:30. We did not want to wait so we revised our plans. After reading more about Lingyor) we judged that we were lucky because it might have been very “Disneyfied.” We just kept on driving and admiring the lovely countryside and realized that the mustardy orange color is very popular in these parts. Many houses and public buildings along our way revealed much use of that color. When we were ready for lunch, we looked and found a small fjord with a restaurant on a floating platform at its head. The place was called Derk Huset and it served great pizza. The view was pretty special as well: high rock cliffs behind the few buildings at their feet, beautiful blue water, and lots of pretty boats at the marina (some looked pretty expensive too).

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