Norway - Road Trip! - 2018

A fjord divides the valley in half and the dark blue fjord glitters in the distance at the head of valley. Very picturesque spot for our last sightseeing experience. As we were driving away, we saw Hylla Waterfall streaming down in bridal veil wisps to the fjord. It was on our drive back to Eidfjord that we entered the most complicated and sophisticated tunnel and bridge combination that we had seen yet. There were 4 lanes (2 going each way) and road signs throughout the tunnel. Several roundabouts made it possible to leave this tunnel and enter another going to a different destination. One of the roundabouts was simply surreal! It looked like a huge mushroom or maybe a spaceship atop a tall stalk. It was lit with blue lights all around its circumference and indicated at least 4 different ways to exit for different our highway route and found ourselves (most unexpectedly) on an bridge spanning a fjord with another fantastic view of Norway with its fjords, mountains, valleys, charming little villages and towns. If your eyes are aching for ethereal scenery, save some money up and fly to Southern Norway. The flight cost will be the least of your expenses!

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