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s a nurse and the executive director of Memory Care of Naples, my days are busy. I’m often running from one place to the next, guiding interested families through our facility, and ensuring our residents receive the care they need.

for their loved ones. We will support those battling a dementia diagnosis as well as their caretakers in any way we can, and we are always willing to help. But we find that there often comes a point when the disease becomes too much for one person to deal with. It’s okay to admit that you cannot do it alone. That’s why we’re here. We have a team of experts

Still, I don’t work 24/7 — yet, so many caregivers try to.

who want to get as close as possible to the level of care

Memory Care America’s team can offer your family round-the- clock care because we have the workforce to do so. We have day teams and night teams, maintenance and dietary staff, and employees who manage our front office and visit with families who

you can offer your loved one.

Of course, you are never going to find someone who can care for your loved one the way that you do. You

have spent years with them, loving them, supporting them through all the rocky points, and laughing through mishaps together. You’ve cheered for the highs and drudged through the lows. You could never expect someone else to

are interested in our services. We don’t have one person who does it all, but you take on many roles

offer that level of earnest care. Instead, we want to step into that caregiving role, so you can return to being the spouse, the sibling, the child, or the family member you were before you had to care for your loved one. I often picture a gentleman who has been living in our community for less than a year. His wife comes to dinner every evening, and they take a walk together afterward. Once they return, the staff helps the husband get ready for bed, and the couple watches television together, just like they did for decades as husband and wife at home. We provide the care, so she can go back to being his wife. We want to take that burden away because our role in your lives should be as caregivers. You deserve to be just the family member again.

when you’re the sole caregiver for someone with dementia. To make sure their needs are met, you often have to put their health before your own. And let's not forget that after work, you still have to take care of your home and bills. This relationship can take a toll on a caregiver. I can still picture one family I met through Memory Care America. The husband was a resident of ours, and his wife had been his caretaker for so long, meeting his every need with love and attention. But the wife passed away before her husband. The stress of his care became too much for her, and she neglected her own needs. So when the resident’s daughter took on the caretaking role, she knew she needed help and turned to us.

We offer support groups, resources, and experts to help those who want to continue offering care

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1.833.MEM.CARE • 833.636.2273


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

D ementia was never part of Ruth Heitkamp’s plan. As a mother of three, devoted wife, and lively socialite, Ruth refused to let dementia define her when she was diagnosed five years ago at the age of 95. “She has her ups and downs,” Ruth’s daughter Linda Gabbard says. “She talks about being ready to go, and I once said, ‘Mom, you’re so healthy … You’re going to live to be 101.’ And she said, ‘Well, I might as well!’” Sharing Your Stories 100-Year-Old Ruth Heitkamp

Leads a Full Life at Memory Care of New Braunfels

get involved; Ruth’s lineage can be traced back to the forefathers of New Braunfels, Texas. Ruth joined the historical commission, the conservation society, the parent teacher association, and a local mothers club. In the 1940s, Ruth even joined a social group that hosted a party every month, and there wasn’t an event Ruth would miss. When her husband passed 15 years ago, Ruth lived alone and remained active by cycling on her antique bike or walking her trash cans up and down the driveway. In 2016, Ruth was discovered on her bathroom floor and was transferred to live at a rehab facility. Soon after, Linda and her husband discovered Memory Care of New Braunfels just two miles from their home. Ruth was the 19th resident to join Memory Care of New Braunfels and has become a mainstay in our community. Immediately, Linda said she noticed an improvement in her mom’s diet and social interactions. “The family always feels welcomed by the staff members,” Linda adds. When Ruth celebrated her 100th birthday in August 2019, Memory Care of New Braunfels pulled out all the stops. The party even honored her late husband, a Texas A&M University Aggie. It was a party fit for the woman who has never viewed life as anything but a celebration. “She did not agree to the fact that she was 100 years old,” Linda says. “She was totally amazed by that. They really made her feel like a queen. I am so thankful for everybody up there. They just show her so much love.” If you know someone who could benefit from our services, don’t keep our work a secret! Referrals are the best compliment you can give us. Direct them to our communities at or find us on Facebook. “It was better than anything we had looked at,” Linda recalls. “The rooms were so nice … It turned the whole thing around.”

“She just always has a sassy answer,” Linda says with a laugh.

Ruth married her high school sweetheart, CW, and throughout their life, Ruth refused to live quietly. It’s in her blood to


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

With Love, From Memory Care America Celebrating Together This February

Whether we’re honoring the past or creating new memories, we believe adding a little love in everything we do goes a long way. Love was in the air this February across our communities at Memory Care America, as we danced, learned, and celebrated together! The Memory Care of Little Rock team kicked things off by wearing red throughout Valentine’s Week! Meanwhile, the party was rockin’ and rollin’ at Memory Care of Simpsonville , when “Elvis” stopped by for an exclusive performance. Memory Care of Westover Hills joined the festive fun with the Valentine’s Day Ball. In between the partying and dancing, we learned a little bit, too! Our residents at Memory Care of New Braunfels offered their sage advice and tips for making love last, and author Susan J. Ryan shared her caregiving expertise and points from her book, “Our Journey of Love: 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey” with the Memory Care of Naples community. Our team loves hosting fun and educational events. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the work we do, don’t keep it a secret! Referrals are the best compliments you can give us. Direct those who could benefit from our services to or find us on Facebook.

“Elvis” serenades our residents at Memory Care of Simpsonville.

Our Memory Care of Little Rock team rocks red during Valentine’s Week!

Fun is had by all at Memory Care of Westover Hills’ Valentine’s Day Ball!

Memory Care of New Braunfels residents offer love advice.

Author Susan J. Ryan shares her expertise with Memory Care of Naples.

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We are a family here at Memory Care of Naples and across our other four communities. We’re a group of people who are living through, battling, and caring for patients experiencing dementia. We have had families attend funerals of residents they only knew through Memory Care of Naples. We have families who become close friends because they just get what living through dementia is like. This is beautiful for Naples in particular, where many of our residents and their loved ones are separated, due to many older adults moving down to Florida from various other states. No one can do it all, no matter how hard they try. Thank you for allowing us to fill such an important role in your loved one’s life. We are honored to be on this journey with you.




— Tina Browning

Executive Director, Memory Care of Naples

1.833.MEM.CARE • 833.636.2273


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!



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Check Out These 3 Power Tools

s you age, it can be harder to tackle the home projects you once did without a second thought. That said, just because they appear harder doesn’t mean they’re impossible to do. And, luckily, with age comes experience; you know how to get a job done faster and more efficiently than any 20-year-old would — you just need the tools to do it right. Here are three of the best power tools you can use to turn your home project dreams into reality. Makita DT01W 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Drill Previous drill models were built out of hard plastic and steel, which made them heavy, hard to maneuver, and difficult to grip. However, Makita drills are designed with soft grip handles, making

them easier to use if you have arthritis or other joint conditions. In addition, they weigh only 2 pounds, so they’re safe and easy to handle in the tightest of spaces. That said, don’t let the size fool you: This drill can deliver 800 pounds of maximum torque, making it an ideal drill for your heavy-duty projects. Dremel 7300-N/5 4.8V MiniMite Cordless Rotary Tool Getting the amount of precision needed for smaller projects like engraving, polishing, and finish work with older rotary tools is near impossible. Fortunately, this handy power tool is perfect for polishing, cutting small-scale copper piping, engraving, or even spot- grinding a nasty weld. It also weighs only 1.1 pounds, so it’s perfect for intricate engravings or polishing your favorite set of wheels. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw For bigger DIY projects, it might not be realistic for you to work with the heavy, corded, and bulky saws that you used to use. When it comes to home renovations or those bigger DIY projects, there is nothing better than this BLACK+DECKER saw. With a tool-free depth of cut and easy-to-use bevel, it’s so much easier to get the type of cut you need. At 6.1 pounds, it’s painless to manage and less risky when you need to stretch to get a longer cut.


Do Not Keep Our Work a Secret!

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