King's Business - 1911-11


NO. 11


The one sure and never-failing method of the VICTORIOUS LIFE is daily study of the Bible—Study, not hasty reading; daily, not at fitful intervals. That study must be with prayer, and faith, and a single-eyed desire to know the will of God and do it. Such a devo- tional and habitual use of the Bible beyond all dispute leads to the full experience of God's love, of Christ's saving power, of the indwell- ing of the Holy Spirit. The Bible of any one who has lived the life with which we are con- cerned is yellow with the years, thin at the edges with the constant turning of the pages, scored with lines and marks, which are all monuments of truth seen and help received, stained with tears which have been often tears of joy, falling like tender rain when the glory of God has suddenly shone out from the page. —R. F. Horton, D. D., in the Sunday School Times. Published Once a Month by THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Bible Institute Press.

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