King's Business - 1911-11

Helping, Psa.



To the depths, Ibid. To the extremities, Psa. 139:9, 10, Terrible, I t has a destructive sweep, Isa. 25:11. I t holds a dreadful cup, Psa. 75:8. I t writes the sinner's doom, Dan. 5:5, 6. I t blights the health and strength, Job 19:21; Zee. 2:13. Good, Redeeming, Ex. 6:6; Deut. 4:34; Ac. 7:25. Supporting, Psa. 37:34; guiding, Psa. 139:10. Dear Brother Horton: Our United Evangelistic Mission in Dublin began September 3rd. The com- mittee had provided a huge rink seating something over 5000 people. This was about twice the size of the hall t h at we had during our previous mission seven years ago. It was thought by many a bold thing to take so large a hall in a city where 80 per cent of the population were Roman Catholics, but the result abund- antly justified the committee. On some occasions the hall was hardly large enough to accommodate the throngs t h at came, many going away. People were amazed at the enormous throngs. It was said that at no meeting, political or re- ligious, for years had such crowds Been seen in Dublin; not since Mr. Moody's first mission there. A very large number of Roman Catholics were in attendance nightly, many of these went into the in- quiry room and definitely accepted Christ. Of the first 54 persons who professed to accept Christ 10 were Roman Catholics. Many of these were very bright converts. Three meetings were held daily on week days, at 1:30 for business and professional men; at 3:30 a Bible reading, and at 8 at night an evangelistic service. These meetings were preceded by a half hour's song service. We had an unusually good choir of about 500 voices under Mr. Ma c Ewa n 's efficient leadership. They took up the songs with great enthusiasm, the favorite one being, " A l l Hail Imman- u e l . " Mr. MacEwan turned the whole audience into a choir and such a volume of music arose from that great multitude as one rarely hears. The papers were full of favorable comments upon the solo work of Mr. MacEwan as well as his leading. Clergymen and others flocked into Dublin Bristol, England, Sept. 27, 1911. '

Jno. 10:29. Sheltering, Isa. 49:2; healing, Ac. 4:30. Inviting, Isa. 65:2; wounded, Zee. 13:6; Luke 24:29. Radiant, Hab. 3:4 (read " r a y s , " not " h o r n s . " See Rev. 1:15). Faithful, Isa. 49:16; never shortened, Isa. 59:1. Upon us, Ezra 7:9; full of good, Psa. 104:28. And will "receive my soul at last," Psa. 31:5. f r om different parts of Ireland, and it is -hoped they will carry the fire back to their own cities. We could give but three weeks to t he mission. If we could have gone on another week even more remark- able results would doubtless have been seen. As it was there were between 1300 and 1400 people who made a publie confession of accepting Christ and who were recorded and referred to the differ- ent (┬┐hurches. Besides these there were many others who did not come forward in the public meetings and were therefore not recorded. We held two children's meetings t h at were largely attended and a great many children professed to accept Christ. The workers who dealt with them personally said they seemed very intelligent in what they were doing, and as we met so many who were converted as children when we were in Dublin before seven years ago who are now young men and women ac- tively engaged in Christian work, we are hoping great things from these children. Men would meet me on the streets, in the hotels and elsewhere and tell me how they were converted at our previous missions in Dublin, seven years ago. Some of these Had been in the deepest depths of sin previous to their conversion. Many were now prominently engaged in Christian work, a number of them clergy- men. The second day of the mission four different men in Dublin received letters from the Bishop of Bendigo, Australia, urging them to send out more men for his work, and specifying that, if possible, they be of the type of two men sent out before. These two young men with a third brother were converted on the same day during our mission in Dublin in 1904. The third brother is now connected with the Dublin Medical Mission. Sincerely yours, R. A. TORREY.


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