King's Business - 1911-11

with a large chart, is very marked. At 5:45 Prof. Peckham conducts the class in Cnorus and Choral work, which is a source of much pleasure and profit. This Chorus can be used effectively in future large meetings. Our young President, Miss Helene Mc- Vay, with her able Council, is materially enlarging the scope of work. Miss McVay is a good executive, an effective presiding officer and her heart is fully set upon ac- complishing larger things for and with hundreds of girls. Many daily prayer circles have been formed, Scripture is be- ing committed and repeated daily and personal work is being prosecuted. Had we the necessary room the number of young women could be doubled with little effort. Will you unite with us in prayer for our much needed new buildings? TESTIMONIALS. Dear Brethren: Enclosed find 25c for renewal of King's Business.. I pray for God's choicest blessing on your wo r k ." E. B. We are ap- preciating your little journal and hope you will continue to keep an eye single to God's glory." I. G. L. " D e a r Brethren: Please send me, in future, two copies of the monthly, which I prize very highly in the study of the S. S. Lesson and also for its ' tit-bits' and fine articles—many of them strong, pun- gent and thought-awakening. God blass the dual work of Institute and P r e s s ." J. R. J r. " Be i ng a member of thé Toltec Union Mission, which was organized while the Rev. W. Sloan was with us in the Kern River Oil Fields, I would like to express my feeling of gratitude to you for his services and the way in which he brought God's message to us. It has been a great help and inspiration to hear his explana- tion of the Bible. "Wo r ds fail to express our feeling of gratitude to you for sending such men out into the Oil Fields to preach the Gos- pel of Christ where it is so badly needed, but we do pray and tfust that God's rich- est blessing will rest upon t h em ." W, A, T, ' ' Ed i t or King's Business:

tions of scripture among the Chinese and many are being reached through this wide- spread distribution of the Word of God. The following extract ffom one Of his let- ters gives some conception of what mar- velous possibilities there are in this great work. Pray much for our Brother Black- stone and for Doctor Keller, who is doing a similar work under the direction of the Bible House. The story of one of these Bibles may interest you. I gave one to a gentleman teacher, who iook -it - home to a village about seventeen miles from Kiugiang. The teacher's father, a man of about six- ty, began to read it. He became very much interested and talked to his neigh- bors about this wonderful Book of bless- ings. By and by they became interested also, so that they sent over for about twenty more copies. These wer.e all in- fluential men of the village. One of them said, ' ' Why don't -we ask the Christians to open a day school in our village?" One of them at once offered a piece of land to put up a building. This, however, met some opposition, but the teacher's father at once took it up and gave us a piece of property for such a school. The people also remarked that the old gentleman's temperament was entirely changed, that" where he was quick tem- pered before he is now so gentle and pa- tient. A ir due to his reading of this won- derful Book. LYCEUM. If in the minds of any of our friends there rests a doubt as to. the need of en- larged quarters for our work, we invite them to visit the Lyceum Club (Bible Study ¿less) on any Tuesday evening. The growth of this young women's club is steady and rapid. Last Tuesday evening, being the monthly young people's meet- ing, 250 young women sat down to sup- per together. After every available place at table was taken, from 50 to 75 girls found places in study chairs, on benches and platform, where they enjoyed the feast as well as the girls at tables. Much laughter was caused by insufficient table silver and the necessary management which the lack of it entailed, but the throng of happy girls with their bright faces and joyous laughter was a most in- spiring sight. The average weekly attendance is 100, perhaps more, and the interest in the present series of Dispensational Studies, I

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