King's Business - 1911-11

Inspirat ion anò illumination» From W. B. Riley, Minneapolis. Excerpt from "The Finality of the Higher Criticism."

Inspiration alone can insure the truth, discerned. Beecher was right when he The reason the writings of the most sci- said, " T h e aible will not give up its se- entific men the world has known go out crets to those who approach it with their of date and pass away, is because their bellowing passions and perverted mten- f»j successors discover error in their eonclu- t i o n s ." sions The most scientific spirit does not Darwin was supposed to be a great sci- * insure unchangeable conclusions; inspira- entist, but confessed that that part of his tion alone can do that. If you are going nature which might have enjoyed p amtmg to have a Gospel that will forever remain or music was atrophied. Does any man "profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for . mean to suggest that the carnal man may correction and for instruction in righteous- not be so thoroughly lacking in all re- ness " it must be inspired. No fault must ligious intuitions as to make the meaning be found in it. The reason Harvey's dis-; of revelation to him impossible? When covery of the circulatory system will re- Abraham Lincoln, the great President, was main forever a fact, is not because Har- visiting in the Soldiers' Home, Joshua F. vey said it, but because when Hoses wr&te Speed, his intimate friend, came to the " T h e life is in the b l o o d" he voiced what Home to spend the night with him. Bis- was intrinsically true. The Teason why i n g just after sunrise he ran up to the the law of gravity will have to be regard- President's room. He found him reading ed by all great scientists, is not because a book. Looking over his shoulder he • Newton affirmed it to be a fact. Newton found it was the Bible. Jocularly, Mr. sometimes made mistakes, but because God Speed said, " I am glad to see you s o | J j | himself bethought and spoke it, as Job long profitably employed! " " Yes,' ' answered since wrote, " H e hangeth the world on the great Lincoln, I am profitably em- n o t h i n g ." The reason why our modern p l o y e d !" " W e l l , " said Speed, " I won- scientists are eschewing certain animals der if you have recovered from that skep- as unfit to eat and favoring others, is not ticism that once characterized you? I con- because of physicians (they are too often -fess frannkly that I have n o t ." Lincoln in error), but because when Moses wrote looked into his face for a moment, and• V . the Book of Leviticiis he was so perfectly then rising, put his hand on his shoulder inspired as to make no mistake as to what a l l d tenderly said, " Y o u are wrong, Speed! was under the ban and what in favor from Take all of this Book upon reason that the standpoint of human health. Science y o u can and the rest on faith, and you reaches accuracy only after a thousand w i n ; I am sure, live and die a better and • e x p e r i m e n t s , a n d c l i m b s into the light only a happier m a n . " But whether one re- a f t er a long journey out of enveloping ce ives it on reason or faith, if he is to un- darkness- but inspiration speaks once and derstand it, the Spirit must instruct him it " s t a n d e th fast.'-' It turns its face to a n d he must bring to that holy instruction the rising sun and wears light as a gar- a teachable spirit. Of the office of the ment! Of no other book written in the Holy Ghost, Christ himself said, "Wh en world can it be said, as Christ has already he is come he will guide you into all affirmed concerning the Bible, " T h y word t r u t h ." He cannot guide a man who is t r u t h ." .. , flM , reiects Him: nor yet the man who refuses rteratanding^f n the n Scriptures "The 6 Jesus as Te'acher, for of Him again it is understanding of tne scrip™ ^ k h i m s e ] f h e th1 U StórU a of God neUher i n d e e d c fn he shall take of the things of Christ and show know them, because they are spiritually them unto you."

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