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meditations can never reveal to 11s what sin is; and here I particularly feel the necessity and the reality of the inspira- tion and Divine authority of the Scrip- tures, because we should never have learned to know what sin is, unless we learned it from an obedience to an out- ward authority superior to us, independ- ent of our secret feelings, upon which we ought certainly to meditate with study and fervent prayers. But enlightened truth comes from above, is given by the Spirit of God, speaking with authority of God Himself; for we must begin by believing the horror that sin ought to inspire, before we are capable of feeling it. Well, my friends, let us cast ourselves into the Saviour's arms. Shall the suffer- ings and sorrows of this world keep us back? Can we find time to consider them when the salvation of our souls is in ques- tion? Let us go to Jesus with a feeling or profound humiliation, but with unlim- ited confidence in Him, who has suffered all and accomplished all for us. Oh, what ineffable sweetness to be able to repose in peace at the foot of the crass! I begin to understand the extent of my misery; but I embrace my Savior's cross. All I want is His grace, His righteousness alone, with- out any mixture of my works. My works! they could only condemn me; but, ran- somed by Him, washed in His blood, who has made atonement for my sins, I lay hold of His cross, and rest in the sacri- fice of my Savior alone. We have often heard men and women—j mostly women—say that they have been healed of divers diseases while reading "Science and Health and Key to Scrip- t u r e . " One man declares—and he is one of the " S c i e n c e" leaders in Boston—that he was healed of a dangerous disease while listening to Mrs. Eddy lecture, ¿ u t, re- cently, in New York City, Mr. W. D. Par-, whose mother was once a reader in the " F i r st Church of Christ, Scientist" and who is still a promoter of that cult, died with one thumb holding open a copy of this magic book, and with a portrait of Mr»

And then let us speak of the Savior to those who know Him not. With such a disease, which differs from all other dis- eases in that it is the only real evil, and the root of all others, and with such a remedy in our hands, which differs from those of the earth, in that it alone is sure and infallible, can we pass through life and the world, associating with our fam- ilies, our neighbors, our friends, without speaking to them of sin and of Jesus Christ, who is their Savior .and ours? Let us lay hold of the cross, and proclaim the cross. Let us die in embracing it, let us die in proclaiming it, and our death will be the commencement of life, and God will be glorified in our body whether it be by life or by death, and especially by the blood and by the redemption of the Lamb of God. " S i n let loose, means punishment at hand.' —Cowper. ' ' Man-like is it to fall into sin, Fiend-like is it to dwell therein; Christ-like is it for sin to grieve, God-like is it all sin to l e a v e ." Longfellow. that the late Pope Leo died with a portrait of a woman before his eyes—a woman whom he had chosen as a patron saint. What is the difference, at bottom, between the Pope and this young man? In both cases, God was set aside, the work of Christ was dishonored and a modern form of ancient paganism was substituted in their stead. The young" man repeatedly refused medical assistance and the mother left him alone while she was luxuriating in California—and why not? There is " n o sin, sickness or d e a t h "—to her, the boy was well. What can one say? Has the strong delusion come, so that men be- lieve a lie? Rome and Rule. While Protestants are asleep, the Roman

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