Girls Inc. of Dallas - FY2022 Annual Report

Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas' FY 2022 Annual Report, covering the fiscal year July 1, 2021 thru June 31, 2022



Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold


A world in which every girl values her whole self, discovers her inherent strengths, achieves her goals, and enjoys lasting success

As we look back on the fiscal year 2022, we feel a sense of accomplishment coupled with overwhelm. We are living in a decade with more promise for girls than any generation has ever seen. At Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas, we are experiencing profound growth - serving nearly 40% more girls in FY22 than the previous year. We see girls in our programs every day who are successfully overcoming challenges and achieving their dreams. Taking the Lead

But for every girl we reach, there are hundreds more in our community who cannot access our life-changing programs. We have made an intentional decision to focus our efforts on the girls who need us the most, those from low- income, under-resourced districts in Dallas. We know that everyone has been impacted by the global pandemic, economic crisis, and social unrest. However, the pressures placed on youth, especially those from low-income households, are staggering. This year, we saw girls face increased struggles with mental health and ever- widening gaps in educational outcomes. In response, we shifted focus and increased academic enrichment programs like virtual homework help, one-on-one tutoring and increased school and community partnerships. Our healthy living and social and emotional learning programs became the most requested, and our team worked

with partners to provide resources for not only the girls in our programs, but for their families as well.

Our overall outcomes remain incredible, but the impacts of the last few years on mental wellness and related outcomes are evident. We also know that it will take years to overcome the academic losses suffered, but our programming works and we are up for the challenge. Thanks to the unwavering support of our partners, donors, board and staff, we finished FY22 with solid financials and are well positioned to achieve our bold goal of serving 25,000 girls by 2030. Thank you for partnering with us to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Beth Myers, MSW Chief Executive officer

Arjun Dugal Chairman of the Board


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About Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas

Every girl, no matter her circumstances, deserves experiences that will enable her to earn her education and become a healthy, independent, and thriving adult.

These are just a few of the many outcomes that help girls break the cycle of poverty, improve their economic mobility and achieve lasting success for themselves and future generations. In the fiscal year 2022, we served 2,962 girls, ages 6-18 in some of Dallas' most underserved districts. That number represents a 39% year- over-year increase. We also grew school and community partnerships by 32%. They are more likely to exercise and have healthy lifestyles. They are more likely to have higher standardized test scores and self-confidence in STEM subjects. They are more likely to be engaged in and attend school and to be prepared for life after high school. They are more likely to see themselves as leaders, with the skills and capabilities to improve their communities. Girls Inc. changes the trajectory of girls’ lives and prepares them for life-long success. Research shows Girls Inc. girls outpace their peers in many areas.


1 in 3 Dallas children live in poverty Only 12% of low-income students have access to quality programming outside of school Low-income children are 5 times more likley to be pushed out of school

1 in 20 teen girls will become pregnant

We offer programs that focus on three core components: • STRONG: Healthy Living

• SMART: Academic Enrichment and Support • BOLD: Life Skills and Leadership Development

Girls of color are more likely to experience violence and sexual assault

Our combination of long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro- girl/all-girl environment, and evidence-based programming equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers. We strive to make wide-spread changes in our community, one girl at a time.

FY2022 At a Glance


GROWTH Unique Girls Served

2962 Unique Girls Served

4200 2023 GOAL






2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023


6 - 12 13 - 18

46% 75%




Live in a low- income household.

Are from a single parent home or live with someone other than their parents.

Identify themselves as girls of color.

44% Latina, 32% Black, 22% Asian 1% Middle Eastern, 5% Multiracial.

37 School & Community Partners

290 Volunteers


Many of the girls we serve face the complex realities of systemic racism, compounded by the challenges of poverty. They often face poor educational, economic, and health outcomes without interventions. Girls who participated in Girls Inc. programming in 2022 experienced far better outcomes than those without access to interventions.


Healthy Living

Girls from low-income homes are more likely to face juvenile delinquency, violence, and mental health problems.

Girls Inc. Participants:

Demonstrate increased knowledge of dangers of unhealthy choices

Demonstrate a positive sense of self




Academic Enrichment

Girls from low-income homes are five times more likely to drop out of school than their more affluent peers.

Girls Inc. Participants:

Show a positive attitude toward academics

Show a positive attitude toward STEM




Life Skills

Only 15% of youth from low-income districts are college ready when they graduate from high-school.

Girls Inc. Participants:

Show willingness and confidence to take positive risks

Aspire to attend college



The Changes We Seek

ECONOMIC MOBILITY Girls Inc. helps girls improve their economic mobility and not be limited by the zip code in which they are born. Through our evidence-based, age-appropriate curricula, girls learn from an early age about careers, college, and healthy money management. At Girls Inc., we inspire girls to set educational and career goals and empower them to achieve them. Our programs provide girls with the skills and self- confidence they need to contribute to the economy and make strong, smart, and bold decisions about their financial futures. GENDER PARITY IN STEM Girls Inc. helps girls break barriers and reform systems by placing emphasis on STEM fields where women are underrepresented. We provide girls with the educational opportunities and career exposure they need to pursue careers in STEM. Our programs allow girls to gain confidence in math and science by participating in hands-on STEM activities. Through our Operation Smart and Eureka! STEM programs, our girls are given the tools they need to succeed! TEEN PREGNANCY PREVENTION We provide girls with the skills, insights, values, motivation, and support to understand their physical development, postpone sexual activity and make healthy decisions. Adolescent pregnancy presents formidable challenges for teens’ development into productive adults. Most youth and parents say teens need comprehensive sexual education. This is especially important for young women, who deal most directly with the consequences of teen pregnancy. Through age-appropriate courses, girls learn about topics like puberty, healthy relationships, and reproduction.

Program Design


The Girls Inc. experience includes three core components of programs that focus on the whole girl to equip her with the tools needed for life-long success.

STRONG Healthy Living

Activities and experiences that expand on and support their school-based learning and engagement. Outcomes Include: SMART Academic Enrichment & Support

Activities and experiences that build learning, skills, and behaviors that enable girls to function independently and live productive, fulfilling lives. Outcomes Include: BOLD Life Skills & Leadership Development Increased persistence and resilience;

Activities and experiences that provide girls with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Outcomes Include:

Increased knowledge of the dangers of unhealthy choices

An improved outlook and performance in school

Setting personal, educational, and career goals

Increased level of physical activity

Ability to delay gratification;

Improved body image

Improved academic/school performance

Improved self and emotional control

Improved nutritional habits

Educational aspirations beyond high school

Decreased or delayed substance use and risky sexual activity

6 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS There are six essential elements to Girls Inc. programming. These elements provide a holistic approach grounded in a belief that girls have inherent rights and abilities. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Girls-only environment Mentoring Relationships Intentional Programming Research- Based Curricula Interactive Activities Sustained Exposure


At Girls Inc., we offer different types of programs, each with the goal of helping girls to value themselves and achieve lasting success. The evidence- based programs are delivered by trained professionals who focus on the development of the whole girl.



In response to the unprecedented academic pressure and losses as a result of the pandemic, Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas started the Virtual Homework Help Program. The program paired dedicated volunteers with girls in elementary and middle schools where pairs met weekly with the goal of helping girls build the study skills necessary to complete homework independently in the future. The program attracted 60 volunteers and 125 girls in FY22.

We also hosted full-day and weeklong camps during school holidays and select weekends. Camps meet the needs of girls to have a safe space during these unique breaks and become immersed in intensive curricula on topics such as robotics, cosmetic chemistry, or aerospace engineering. In FY22, we hosted 3 weekend camps, 2 summer camps at 3 locations, a Thanksgiving break camp, winter holiday camp, and spring break camp. 256 unique girls participated.


Eureka! is an intensive, five-year STEM-based program for girls that demonstrate an aptitude and interest in STEM fields. Girls enter the program as rising 8th graders and make a five- year commitment to the program. Throughout the course of the five years, they participate in monthly meetings, summer camps, college camps, internships, externships, test-prep and intensive mentoring. Eureka! helps builds girls’ confidence and skills in STEM through hands-on opportunities, networking and unique access to resources. In keeping with the whole-girl approach, sports education, physical fitness, mental wellness, personal development, and college/career readiness are also included. In FY22, 70 girls participated in Eureka! Of those girls, 100% are on track to graduate high- school on time. 91% aspire to attend college. 95% are interested in pursing a career in STEM and 77% of them are taking high-school AP classes in STEM subjects.


We also take the Girls Inc. experience on the road and offer relevant and timely programs at schools, community centers or other youth organizations. We work closely with administrators and teachers to provide targeted programming that is age- appropriate and helps girls with the most pressing challenges they are facing. In FY22, mental health/wellness and social media usage were two of the most frequently requested curricula. Programs were delivered both during and after traditional school hours. We worked with 37 different community and school partners in FY22.



Girls Inc. is proud of another year of growth and strong support from donors. *It is important to note that when comparing revenue to expenses for the year, 23% of total expenses resulted from a "gift" or, rather, investment of surplus funds in the Girls Inc. Foundation for future use. Consistent with our growth, direct program expenses increased year over year, as did expenses for program support services. We are investing in capacity building, administration, and fundraising to foster sustained growth and impact. As we pursue our bold goal of serving 25,000 girls by 2030, we are committed to sound financial stewardship, sustainability, and high-quality, impactful programming.



















Foundations - 28.5%

Personnel Costs - 54.3%

Individuals - 25.4%

Gifts to Girls Inc. Foundation* - 23.3%

Corporate - 20%

Professional Fees - 6.9%

Special Events - 12.4%

Occupancy Costs - 4.9%

Depreciation - 2.5%

United Way - 7.5%

Events - 2.8%

Program Fees - 1.5%

Other - 5.4%

Other - 4.76%


The audited consolidated financial statements of Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas and Gilrs Inc. Foundation, which comprise the consolidated statement of financial position as of June 30, 2022, the related consolidated statement of activites, functional expenses and cash flows and the related notes to the consolidated financial statements can be found at

Board of Directors Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas


SVP Head of Payments and Transfers, PI Digital Assets, Fidelity Investments PHIL DAYALU, CORPORATE SECRETARY Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group ERIN GEORGE, IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR

EVP and CTO of Financial Services, Capital One

Managing Director, JP Morgan JAMIE LAVIN, TREASURER

SVP Financial Services, AT&T Communications JONI ARISON

Partner, Sidley Austin, LLP PAIGE MONTGOMERY

Executive Director Corporate Markets, Cushman Wakefield MAUREEN KELLY COOPER

Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP CHRIS CHASTAIN

Partner, Oliver Wyman GABE KNAPP

Group VP Service Operations, Toyota ANNA SAMPANG

EVP Strategy and Analytics, The Container Store GRETCHEN GANC

Managing Director Partner Relations, CH Investment Partners LINA KOMANDURI

Founding Partner, Stewart Law Group AMY STEWART

Advisor, AGC Networks NEETI GUPTA

Managing Director Corporate Development, AT&T BOB LAGRONE

VP, Human Resources Pioneer Natural Resources TYSON TAYLOR

Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LEEANN HINKLE

Partner, Baker Botts JOHN LAWRENCE


Marketing Consultant KRISTEN HINTON

Senior Director, Hilti North America ELLE LEBOURG

EVP and General Counsel, Vistra STEPHANIE ZAPATA MOORE

Girls Inc. Foundation

SVP Financial Services, AT&T Communications JONI ARISON

Managing Director, U.S. Trust, Bank of America MORGAN KENNEDY, CHAIR EVP Strategy and Analytics, The Container Store GRETCHEN GANC


Executive Director Corporate Markets, Cushman Wakefield MAUREEN KELLY COOPER

Chief Executive Officer Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas BETH MYERS

Year in Review

BOLD DREAMS BREAKFAST Dallas community leaders and Girls Inc. supporters joined together in the spring of 2022 for the inaugural Bold Dreams Breakfast. The breakfast celebrated our life-changing work and the individuals and organizations who enabled us to reach girls from some of the most under-resourced communities in Dallas. The event was co-hosted by Amy Stewart and Elizabeth Ramirez-Washka, and featured three-time Emmy Award winner and NBC 5's Today Show co-anchor Laura Harris. The successful event raised nearly $175,000 to fund Girls Inc. programming. As a special treat for the girls we serve, Laura Harris spent a day on-site experiencing our programs and interacting with girls face-to-face. SOFI - SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT

Girls Inc of Metropolitan Dallas offers a $15,000 scholarship to a junior or senior who is enrolled in Girls Inc. programs. Junior Eureka! participant, Sofi, was the FY22 scholarship winner. She is the youngest of two and comes from a single parent family. Her mother has worked hard to give a better life to her girls and has often worked two jobs to support her family. Sofi had an interest in Science Technology Engineering and Math and joined Eureka! as a rising 8th grader. She has been involved in many activities such as the National Honor Society, the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists, and the Future Vets Abroad Honor Program. She is a Richland College student through the Collegiate Academy and enjoys art, poetry and athletics. Sofi plans to study pre-veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University.


Girls Inc of Metropolitan Dallas Awarded $15K Project Innovation Grant - Laura Harris

Helping Girls Succeed with Girls Inc of Metropolitan Dallas NBC 5 Foundation Awards $315K in Project Innovation Grants to Local Nonprofits - Project Innovation

Girls Inc. Of Metropolitan Dallas Adds Slate Of Officers

Girls Inc. Inspires Bold Dreams for Dallas Girls


The third Annual Power to the Girl Conference, sponsored by Toyota, was attended by 253 girls and their teachers or administrators. The conference theme was "Step Into Your Power" and was designed to reinforce for attendees that they already possessed great talents and abilities, and to help them find the tools to discover, claim and step into that power. The conference featured energetic sessions, dynamic speakers, and interactive sessions focusing on self-care, self-knowledge and self- love. "I had so much fun at the conference. I learned that I should never compare myself to others because I have my own unique powers and strengths that only I can fulfill." -ATTENDEE


Equipping Girls to Thrive

Vanessa's Story: Becoming Bold at Girls Inc.

Get to Know Girls Inc. of Dallas

Why Should You Support Girls Inc. of Dallas





School and Community Partners

We offer programs at schools and community centers that help girls with the challenges they face while growing up. Our age-appropriate programs take place both during school and afterschool.

KIPP Truth Academy Lake Highlands Middle School

A.W. Brown Leadership Academy - Genesis A.W. Brown Leadership Academy - Quest Academy of Dallas Charter School Agnew Middle School Apollo Junior High School

Lincoln High School Pirrung Eelementary O. W. Holmes Middle School Rainbow Days Inc. Franklin D. Roosevelt High School of Innovation School for the Gifted and Talented in Pleasant Grove Seagoville Middle School Skyview Elementary Tosch Elementary

Barack and Michelle Obama Ninth Grade Center Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy Dr. Bruce Wood Elementary Dr. Frederick D Haynes, II Global Preparatory Academy Dr. Linda Henrie Elementary Emmett J. Conrad High School Elsie Robertson Lancaster STEM Middle School Forest Meadow Junior High School G.W. Carver Middle School Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute Harmony Science Academy Harmony School of Excellence

Trinity Basin Preparatory Uplift Infinity Preparatory W. H. Atwell Middle School We aRe HER Leadership Academy Wilkinson Middle School Woodrow Wilson High School Young Women's STEAM Academy

Houston Elementary School KIPP Destiny Middle School

Corporate & Foundation Partners

The growth and outcomes achieved by Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas would not be possible without the generous support of partners. Thank you to these corporate and foundation partners for investing in lives of girls in Dallas.








Alix Partners Allstate Foundation Anderson Merchandisers BAPS Charities Baker Botts Boston Consulting Group Bruce and Becky Wartell Family Foundation The Dallas Foundation ExxonMobil Corporation FTI Consulting Fannie and Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation Freeman Family Charitable Fund Harry S. Moss Foundation Hunt Consolidated Katherine Carmody Charitable Foundation Manickam Dhandapani Family Charitable Fund Nordstrom Pitney Bowes Foundation Red Bird Mall The Rosewood Foundation Schwab Charitable Stewart Law Group

Major Donors

Individual donors comprise one of the largest groups of supporters of Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas. We simply could not provide our life-changing programs without their generous contributions. We would like to specifically express our gratitude to the major donors. Thank you.

Lacy and John Lawrence Beth Myers and Sandra Zamora Carrie and Steve Freeman Parsons Margot Perot Anna Sampang and Noel Muyco Jock and Maria Stafford Amy Stewart

Phyllis F. Bernstein Cecilia and Garrett Boone Jamie and Michael Buzzard Maureen Kelly Cooper and Alan Cooper Phil Dayalu Vallabh Dhudshia Neha and Arjun Dugal Sandy Funk Erin and Ken George Kristen and James Hinton Rusty Jaggers

Christine and Roy Sturgis Tyson Taylor and Tim Burt Becky and Bruce Wartell

Leaders for Girls

Leaders for Girls (LFG) is an influential group of community leaders joining forces to empower girls to change the world and be strong, smart, and bold. Members are committed to recognizing the enormous potential and unique power of women and girls, and hope to facilitate change through their financial donations of $5,000+. Members have access to exclusive events, specialized volunteer or mentoring projects with girls we serve, and networking opportunities with members from other Girls Inc. affiliates. We are grateful for the FY22 LFG members:

Eureka! program participant, Jillian, speaks about her experience at a Leaders for Girls event.

Joni and Alan Arison Brandi Barbour Cook Dana and Chris Chastain Ellen Farrell Neeti and Rajesh Gupta

Elle Lebourg Laura A. McLaughlin Paige and William Montgomery Stephanie Zapata Moore Gretchen Ganc and Giovanni Nieto Giovanini Becky and Michael Park Betty Regard Julia Sands Diane L. Strong Jody and Keith Venturoni

LeeAnn Hinkle Susan M. Holley Morgan Kennedy Gabe Knapp

Lina and Mohan Komanduri Robert and Geula LaGrone

2040 Empire Central Dr. Dallas, TX 75235




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