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Welcome to the first newsletter from the Marc Lopez Law Firm! Maybe I should have started a newsletter years ago, but you know the old saying: There’s no time like the present. In 2009, I opened my law firm with the singular goal of helping people. At first, my assistance often took the form of criminal defense. As my law firm has grown, however, so has its ability to handle different kinds of cases. Today, we provide assistance in three distinct areas: FROM THE DESK OF Marc Lopez

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1. Criminal defense (including DUI/OVWI)

2. Personal injury

Environmentalism is a fairly new phenomenon, only gaining real popularity over the past several decades. Just 50 years ago, there were few laws and regulations to protect the environment or restrict pollution. This April, we celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, two holidays that remind us to take care of our one and only home planet.

3. Issues related to driving and license reinstatement

Once upon a time, the Marc Lopez Law Firm consisted of nothing more than yours truly in a small office. Today the firm is four attorneys strong, with a support staff of four more. Who knows what tomorrow holds? I’m as


Nebraska pioneer J. Sterling Morton set Arbor Day in motion. A lover of nature, Morton was eager to share this passion with others. As a journalist and newspaper editor, he often encouraged his readers to plant trees, either individually or as part of a group. In 1872, Morton proposed a tree-planting holiday called Arbor Day for April 10 that year. In 1885, it was proclaimed a legal holiday in Nebraska and given the official date of April 22 — Morton’s birthday. He proposed that prizes be given out to the community or organization that planted the most trees. On the first official Arbor Day, about 1 million trees were planted. The date was later moved to the last Friday in April, but it now varies from state to state based on each area’s best tree-planting season. If you’re curious to find out when Arbor Day takes place across the United States, visit

excited about this newsletter as I am about making you a part of it.

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