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This past summer, my daughter spent a few months interning at the office. I was a little nervous about it at first. As a parent, you want to believe your kid is intelligent and capable. What would I do if she couldn’t do the job? What kind of parent would that make me? Fortunately, I didn’t have to answer those questions. Dalya excelled beyond all expectations. To be fair, it’s not like she was helping try cases. She’s 19, and this was her first time working in an office setting. We had her helping out around the office, handling files and helping me make videos for our websites. She picked it up really fast, which may not sound like much, but I’ve had people come in looking for a job who didn’t even know how to save a computer file! I would have loved to train Dalya to take on more responsibility, but we knew she wouldn’t stay past the summer. After spending the last year studying in Israel, Dalya decided to go back again in the fall, enrolling in a more advanced course for college credit. At this point, Dalya doesn’t know what she’ll do with her life. She’s great with technology and could probably do well in social media marketing. But when it comes to arguing her point, she can go toe to

toe with me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up becoming an attorney! But I’m not pushing her to choose a career right now. Both my daughters, Dalya and her younger sister, Emmi, need the freedom to grow up and discover their life’s purpose. “Find a skill set and become so good at it that you could hang out your own shingle.” My father told me, “Joe, whatever you decide to do in life, be indispensable. Find a skill set and become so good at it that you could hang out your own shingle.” Basically, don’t let yourself be subject to the whims of your employers. Having a law degree is great, because I can work at a big firm if I want to, or I can start my own company — hang out a shingle, as my dad said. The advice my father gave to me is what I want to impress upon my daughters. I think Dalya would make a great lawyer, but she could also be a doctor, engineer, or a social media marketer if that’s what she wants.

Joe and Dalya

And I encourage her to choose a path that lets her go off on her own if she needs to.

Having Dalya at the office this summer was a good experience for us both. Will she be back next year? Maybe. In the meantime, I’m proud of the drive I see in her that pushed her to do so well at the office and to travel around the world again to broaden her knowledge and horizons. Whatever she chooses to do with her future, I’m confident my daughter will be able to hang her own shingle wherever she chooses.

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