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JUNE 2019

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Here at Maximum Solutions, we don’t just advocate for wellness of the body; we want our clients to have wellness of the mind and spirit too. That’s why our ultimate goal is to keep providing meaningful service to the community we love so much. We love our patients and do whatever we can to help them in any way possible. Sometimes that means going above and beyond the realm of physical therapy. When we think about our family here at Maximum Solutions, one particular instance stands out for us. With just one simple act of kindness, our family was able to draw a little closer. Not too long ago, one of our staff members, Theresa, was having a conversation regarding adult sock booties with a patient named Laura. The patient was telling her how difficult it can be to purchase or even find a pair of adult booties that would be a good fit for her. Although the patient wasn’t even under her care, Theresa challenged herself to find a solution. She wasn’t unrealistic about the task at hand — she knew how much work goes into crocheting something. After all, it’s an art form that takes a high level of skill and practice. But never to be deterred, Theresa set out to ensure that Laura would eventually receive the socks of her dreams.

As a surprise for Laura, Theresa teamed up with her 92-year-old

mother, Frances, who was a force to be reckoned with in the crocheting field. It had been years since Frances had picked up a hook, and she had never made booties before, but she told her daughter she’d give it her best try. Theresa had faith her mother could pull the job off without a hitch. The hunt for the perfect pair was still on. They went and picked up Laura’s favorite color of yarn and set to the task at hand. Frances, with the help of her daughter, crocheted a beautiful pair of booties for Laura with only a flimsy sample pair to guide them. Theresa showed up to work the next day with her new present in tow, smiling ear to ear as she walked. Laura was thrilled and personally reached out to Frances to thank her for what she’d done. Still not satisfied, Frances decided to crochet another pair of booties and a potholder for Laura soon after. She never ceases to amaze us. All this adds up to a story much bigger than booties and potholders. Simply put, Maximum Solutions is more than physical therapy. It is an experience of genuine care you just won’t find anywhere else. Our concern for the well-being of our patients

extends way out into the community and beyond. Through Theresa’s compassion and Frances’ handiwork, they found a solution to Laura’s problem that had nothing to do with our specialties here. At the end of the day, we’re only in this business to make you as comfortable as possible and to get you back to the things you love the most. That’s a promise. To find out more about what we can help you with here at Maximum Solutions, give us a call at 570-420- 0606 or visit us anytime at www.

–Dora Godnig

– Cara Sadowski

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