Core Solutions: Back Pain & Difficulty Walking


Getting To Know The Core Solutions Physiotherapy Staff JENNIFER KOKELJ, REGISTERED PT

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not at work? Being a Mom of three busy kids doesn't allow for too much spare time. I am constantly running them to various extra- curricular activities! Occasionally, if we have a free weekend as a family in the Winter, or if my husband and I can get away for a couple of days, I love to downhill ski. How did you get started with that? I learned to ski in Colorado as a child. My family used to vacation there annually. I am extremely fortunate to have learned in an environment where the conditions and terrain are absolutely perfect! Why do you like to do it? It brings family and friends together, and I can't think of a better way to be active in the Winter! What's it mean to you? It means getting outdoors and spending quality time with others. Who do you do it with? For many years we went on annual ski holidays with friends. Over the past few years, my children have learned to ski as well. My youngest learned last Winter at the age of four, which was very exciting for us! Skiing is a sport that many people can do together despite different skill levels. I'm really looking forward to spending time on the hill with the kids as they grow.

What's your funniest, scariest or most exciting moment? My most exciting moments were definitely when my three kids were born. It's a feeling that only a parent can understand!!

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