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Why Creating ResolutionsWill Never Get You Where YouWant to Be

If I could describe 2017 in three words, it would be these: It flew by. This last year went by so quickly that I’m still shocked it’s behind us. Gilbert Physical Therapy has continued to grow. We’ve added a few new staff members, and a couple members of our previous team moved on to physical therapy school. We’ve continued to change and become better caregivers along the way, and it’s exciting to think about what the future will bring. On a personal note, the kids have moved another grade up. As they’ve gotten older and more interested in extracurriculars, we’ve become busier, and between my professional and personal lives, it seems like every day flies by.

This year, I am very much looking forward to progressing from some of the things we accomplished as a team in 2017. Our clinic plans to continue to expand our team and practice. We are excited to offer a bigger variety of workshops on low back pain, balance, and shoulder pain, among others, and expand our roles in the community and the services we provide. I look forward to keeping up with my kids, making memories out of fun experiences with them, and keeping that train rolling.

I don’t wait for the new year to set goals. I set goals daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. In my opinion, if you want to accomplish a goal, you have to write it down. If you write it down, you can visually see your goal, and you have a better chance of achieving it. It’s true in my own life, and if you don’t already do it, I would highly suggest you give it a try! To my patients who will be making physical therapy goals this year, when you create your goal, make sure it’s realistic, attainable, and specific. Make sure it has an end point. If you want to experience less pain in the upcoming year, be specific. Write down which area of your body you would like to experience less pain, the level of pain you are currently feeling and the level you want to be at, and the timeframe in which you want to be there. If you don’t, you will start on a journey with no end in sight, and you will never get where you want to be. Remember when setting goals this new year to be specific, write your goals down, and give yourself a realistic end point. I hope you have a fantastic new year, and we will see you soon!


Now that the new year is here, many people will be making resolutions. I am not one of those people. But I am an avid goal-setter. By definition, a goal is something toward which you put ambition and effort. A goal is what you want to accomplish in the end. It’s specific, with certain ways to get there. A resolution, on the other hand, is just a firm decision to start, and it has no end point. For example, a resolution would be, “I’m going to work out.” But a goal would be, “I am going to lose this amount of weight by this time and by doing this specific training regimen.”

–Michael M Gilbert, DPT | 1

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